My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Remember dear ones that your journey upon the earth is temporary, and so take the time to ponder what you want, to focus upon it and to pray for it. Take the time to allow yourself to dig deep within and see where you are acting in alignment with what you want, and where you are not. Do you speak of your life with gratitude or with complaints? Do you see every situation as an opportunity and a blessing, or as an act of adversity? Do you choose to see the abundance in life, or the lack.

Truly all polarities exist in any given situation. What you focus upon however, you draw unto you and what you withdraw your attention from will fade from your lives. Of course you have to handle your lives. You have to pay your bills, take your children to school, and care for your elderly, but within these responsibilities, can you focus on love? Can you focus on the abundance of spiritual gifts that come from these responsibilities? Can you find the joy? For if you do so dear ones, magic begins to unfold, the spiritual gifts are revealed, old wounds are healed, and you will see God’s hand within even the smallest chores of your life. For indeed, God’s love is there, waiting to be discovered in any circumstance, at any time, no matter how challenging, tiring, or seemingly adverse it might be.

There is no moment without purpose in your lives dear ones. Enjoy the adventure. Look for the light and the love, and within that truth, you cannot help but feel and create more joy, more love, and more abundance than ever before.

God bless you. We love you all so very much.
— The Angels

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