Washing my soul clean

It is a Monday as I sit here and channel Saturday’s newsletter. The topic of cleaning and clearing the house was the last thing on my mind. Understandably, my aging furry friend gets my fullest attention right now. However, I sat and thought about the angel message, and realized that it is true. I feel more centered, settled, and able to focus when my home reflects the peace and order I have inside as well. When I create balance and self care in my life I have a desire to be more orderly. When I am more orderly, it motivates me to create more balance and self care.

During the holidays I had the time to sit still for awhile and it was a joy to look around my home and see the reflection of years of personal growth. My home is colorful, eclectic, and contains things that have stories or meaning attached. I continually release stuff when done with it, passing it on to friends or charities. It feels like I not only live in the flow of grace at times, but also in the flow of stuff! People give me wonderful things and in return I share what I have as well.

As I looked around my home, doing the angel exercise for just a few minutes, I saw one thing I didn’t really care for, and yet couldn’t change right now. It was a tough adjustment for me to cover my entire bedroom carpet in pee pee pads and towels and to move into the guest room so my aging dog could be comfortable and sleep well without the parade of spirits that always accompanies me, and without me worrying about the carpet. I was looking at all the towels when one of the angels said, “Look at this patchwork floor of softness, absorbency, and love. What does that say about you?” I want to provide soft spaces for other souls. I want to help them find that God’s love within them will absorb their pain. I love that much. I saw myself in those pee pee pads and towels in a whole new light of self appreciation.

As you look around your home and see things you like, cherish how that reflects all that is good inside of you. And when you see things you don’t like, find something to love about what that reflects anyway. Only when we truly love and appreciate our past can we release it. Only when we truly embrace and love our present can we create better.

And so I hug, hold, nourish, and nurture my dear older dog for the duration of his life on earth. I wash the towels and each time, in so doing, I remind myself that I have washed my soul clean as well.

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