Speak to yourself with Love

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Today we wish to speak to you on the subject of communication, but not in the traditional sense. Rather we wish to talk about how you speak to yourself, for indeed dear ones, you are in constant communication with every aspect of your being.

You communicate with your bodies on a daily basis. Are you being kind to your bodies? Are you telling them each and every day how much you love and appreciate them? Can you ask your body to trust you and to let you know its needs in a kind and gentle way? And if something in your body is in pain dear ones, rather than criticizing it or casting it aside, talk to it every so gently and ask it to guide you in its healing. Would you heal more quickly if criticized, or if given unconditional love? Your body has awareness dear ones and it senses the energy you direct towards it, be it loving or otherwise. Be gentle with your bodies. They do their best to provide beautiful housing for you soul.

You communicate with your own mind constantly as well. Are you kind to yourself? Do you berate yourselves, or can you instead learn to speak words of love to yourself. “Dear Self, well you could have done better earlier today but we learned! Good job! I’m proud of you dear Self.” Have you ever stopped to consider who is talking to whom within your own mind? Dear ones there are so many aspects of your being. There is your truth – the love and the kindness and the compassion that you are. There is your inner child who worries about “doing the right thing,” “being acknowledged,” “being abandoned or rejected.” There is your true child, the playful spirit of innocence, passion, and joy within you. There are countless programs that you have integrated into your psyche that have been given to you by others. So who do you want to listen to within yourself dear friends? Your loving soul and your true, passionate, and innocent child within would be our recommendations.

Stop the self criticism, the self judgment, the self deprecation – for these are all learned lies and it would be our deepest dream that you would make an effort to see past them and to see how beautiful you truly are, inside and out. For in God’s eyes, and our eyes, you are always and forever more perfect. You are simply learning.

Watch how you speak to all aspects of yourself this week. Apologize to yourself if you have been less than kind and make a resolve to treat your own body, mind, emotions, and soul as if you the love of God itself… for indeed, dear ones, you truly are.

God bless you. We love you all so very much.
— The Angels

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