Good beneath it all

I had a very funny incident the other night that is a great example of today’s angel message. I had gone out with a few friends and we were talking about my car. I love my car. Its part of the family and has 192,000 miles on her at the moment. I call my car angel Zippy, and talk to her frequently. Out of the blue I was motivated to pray, “God have Zippy tell me if my car needs attentions far before problems arise. Thank you.” Thirty seconds later I saw the whirl of flashing blue and red lights indicating an officer was pulling me over on this long and dark stretch of highway we were driving upon. Strangely, I felt peaceful,

The young policeman came up to the car. “I wasn’t speeding was I?” I asked? “I was watching the dial!” “No,” he replied, “Your headlight is out.” Oh COOL! My prayer was just answered! Some interior lights had been off earlier and I felt like something was going on with my car but didn’t know what. Now I knew I had to get either the lights, the circuitry, or the voltage regulator checked. The officer was extremely kind, asked us if we’d been drinking (no to that one), and explained they were not only trying to bust drunk drivers but also trying to keep track of how many people were being responsible. I’ve never had an officer explain himself to me ever. As we wrapped the discussion up he looked at one of the other girls in the car and kindly told us to get going because she looked cold. And so off we went, thankful for this kind soul who truly answered the prayer I’d prayed just a few minutes prior! It was really funny because usually flashing lights behind your car are not a good sign, but once again the universe was proving itself quite friendly.

Similarly when my water bill skyrocketed last month, and I found a leak in the pool pump with water pouring out, I adopted a “wait and see” attitude, rather than panicking about more expense. It ends up a few O-rings needed replacing and it was an easy repair.

I have, in the past, assumed the worst about many things only to find out I’d wasted my energy entirely and the problem was completely between my own ears. I worried about money early on in my psychic career only to find out I was fine. I worried about friends being mad at me in the past only to find out their modems were down and they couldn’t email. I’ve worried about health issues and have gotten through them just fine. It is funny that very few of our problems are genuinely “real” but most of them exist between our own two ears! Most of our “problems” are imagined ones – fears of what might happen, fears we’ve failed, fears we will fail, fears that life will fail us or get us… but in reality, there is love available, as the angels say, at all times. Even in some of my truly hard times in life, the sunrise was still beautiful, the flowers still blossomed, and I learned pricesless lessons.

So this week, lets look for the good, assume there is good beneath all things, or at least take a “wait and see” attitude, and embrace the much kinder reality that this life was meant to be.

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