Relax, Breathe, Receive

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Take a breath and allow yourselves to relax. Take another breath. Feel the air moving into your lungs and filling you. What a miracle it is to be able to breathe! Take another breath. Pause. Exhale. Allow yourselves several of these deep and slow breaths. Be aware of your breathing. Are you relaxed, tense, happy, stressed. Where are you right now, in this instant dear ones?

Now, as you breathe, imagine that there are two of you. One of you is your higher self, the part of your being that knows all is always well and that you are an eternal soul resting in God’s arms. The other one is your personality. This aspect of you may be happy, sad, stressed, relaxed, or anything in between. Imagine you, as a soul, can talk to you, as a personality. Say to yourself, from your soul to your personality. You are perfect in this moment. You are loved in this moment. All is well in this moment. you are being held in the arms of God.

Now after you read this, shut your eyes, and breathe slowly and deeply. Invite your angels to give you a big hug. Invite them to help the light of God within you to shine more brightly. No matter what is going on in your life right now, in this moment give yourself the gift of experiencing God’s love, if only for just a minute.

God’s love is always there for you dear ones. It is there whether you take the time to feel it or not. It is there as surely as the sun shines behind the clouds. It is there when your life is in bliss and there when your life feels as if it is spinning out of control. And in reality, this love is all you are ever truly seeking. This is the love you want to feel by having a full bank account, and beauty all around you. This is the love you want when you desire to see the world. This is the love you want when you are in relationship – you just want it to come through another person. And while we encourage you to enjoy the world and the people around you, know that this love is there for you at all times, within you, around you, and indeed what you are made of. Try to take a few minutes each day to receive this love. It is the greatest gift you can give the world right now, to fill yourselves up with this love, for when you feel it, you will be it. When you are full your cup will runneth over. When you are convinced o f God’s love you will trust that all your needs will be met and that you are safe and loved. Dear ones, it is so simple to take a few breaths and receive. We ask this of you, for yourselves, and for the world.

God bless you. We love you all so very much.
— The Angels

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