This message came two weeks ago. I had just finished up writing the newsletter for the 21st when I heard the angels saying we were going to do this one as well. And so it flowed easily, and I trust that by the time this reaches you we will all understand their timing and their reasoning so much more.

The angels have said many times that this year is one of contrasts and yet for those who are doing the spiritual work it can be an amazing year of forward motion, and greater grace and ease as we allow God to work in our lives more strongly. I have been constantly reminding myself to incorporate joy into every little corner of my life. When I work on the computer, I put on good music and have a great cup of tea oar coffee. When I’m editing my sound files I bring the portable outside and sit on the patio, because tedious work is so much easier when surrounded by beauty and chirping birds. When I am with clients, I focus on all the love in my heart so I can better connect with the angels.

Still the angels have to remind me to do the simplest thing of all – Sit, Breathe, and Receive! It is a message they’ve been putting in this newsletter on and off for years. I do it frequently, but still I know they want to pour even more love into my life so this serves as a great reminder. It doesn’t take anything but a few minutes to get a download of love. It really IS there inside us all the time but we do have to take a few minutes to have the experience. And so as soon as I finish this I’m going to make more time. It is blissful. The more you do this tiny little exercise, the more you feel it. At first you may feel nothing. Then you may feel peace. Keep it up and you may feel expanded, loving, joyous, and inspired. After all there is nothing like feeling loved to make you want to experience and share more in life!

One of my favorite little prayers that some of you have heard before is kind of funny:

Fill me, thrill me, spill me dear God!

That sums it up! It is a very short formula for a very happy life 🙂 So take a few minutes this week to periodically stop, sit, breathe, and receive. Why not fuel up throughout your day! It costs nothing, takes very little time, and has huge dividends in your life 🙂

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