My dear friends, we love you so very much.

At any point in time you can choose to realign your spirit with God and therefore to change your entire existence. God does not look back. The energy streaming from the Creator is not interested in what you did yesterday, or even thirty seconds ago… unless you choose to carry that energy into the present moment.

Instead, the entire universe is designed to respond to only the energy that you are expressing, both consciously and unconsciously, in this very moment. So when things are not going as you wish, take a moment and breathe. Ask your angels to help you once again align your energy and your life with your spirit. Ask for help in knowing what is truly in your hears, what is truly a priority to your soul right here, and right now. The minute you allow us to assist you we can. And although we can assist you in your external life, it is far more powerful to ask for us to assist you in aligning your energy once again with God and your own spirit, for in that state, all problems will naturally be resolved.

In very practical terms, you may be trying to get a lot of things done when in fact everything in you is desiring time in silence. You may be pushing for a job, a relationship, or some other project, when your heart is saying, “let go.” You may be trying to change someone else, when your heart is saying, “I’m tired of trying to change them. I want to fix my own life.” We will help you find these simple truths if you ask. We will help you see the value in honoring your own soul. We will help you, in your words, “get back on track.”

Dear ones, always and forevermore we will tell you that aligning with the energies of your own heart is an act of aligning with God’s grace. This simple shift is far more powerfully able to change your life and your circumstances than any amount of effort you might expend in the human world.

God bless you. We love you all so very much.
— The Angels

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