There is a lot that I wish to accomplish this lifetime, and sometimes the mundane chores of life seem to get in the way. After years of old programming, I have to remind myself that nothing need get in the way of creating a loving reality, not matter how much I have to do. I drop into my heart and trust the moment and then things really do get done.

Last weekend for example, I had all sorts of plans for work, and many got done early, but around lunch time, my day was interrupted by the angels who suggested I go to a nearby thrift store. They make me laugh. When God wants me to rest, the angels know just the way to get me to do so. They entice me with nature, butterflies, good food, or bargains! Anyway off to the thrift store I went, where I discovered several items I’d been wanting at a price so low I couldn’t make them for that price. I came home energized and was able to get even more done.

A few days prior I was at the gym on the treadmill where the angels gave me an inner vision of everyone being guided by streams of energy – things that called to their hearts, pulling them in a certain direction. I watched the people in the gym and could see quite clearly which ones were in their streams, flowing effortlessly from one piece of equipment or person to the next vs. which ones were in their heads, pushing through life. I have pushed through life in the past. I no longer have any desire to do that.

A few times a year I take inventory of all my activities, making sure that I am doing them from love, not habit. I ask myself if there is anything I can do in a more loving way, because in truth life changes and we change and grow too. I find that this simple exercise keeps me tuned in to my own streams of grace. This is why my newsletter got a makeover. I finally had the desire to create greater simplicity for myself and everyone who receives this.

Sometimes we think we need to do things a certain way and yet when we loosen up, drop into our hearts, and do what calls to us first, then there is indeed a natural flow to life. Give it a try and see how it feels. It has made my life infinitely more pleasant while still being very productive.

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