There are great joys to be experienced all around you. Humanity has conditioned you to seek out what is wrong, but heaven encourages you to seek out what is right. Many of you would ask us, “But how can we ignore the darkness? How can we ignore what is wrong? How can we ever change if we do not look at the problems in our world.” Dear ones, we are not suggesting you ignore the world’s problems, but rather that you acknowledge them and then immediately set your sights upon a solution, about what is good, true, and right with the world. For in truth your vibration creates a deep and lasting change. The only thing you leave upon this earth permanently… is your love.

In practical terms, if you don’t like something where you work, by all means think of several solutions. Approach your boss or co-workers and tell them what they are doing right first. Then kindly and gently suggest change. If they don’t listen to you, have tried, and more importantly, you have loved. If you want to change a situation that is unjust, rather than yelling and complaining about the injustices, acknowledge them and immediately set up about encouraging others to help you find a solution.

If you don’t like your life as it is now, acknowledge that, but then in the very next breath focus on what you would like to create! Focus on that which you can be grateful for. Pray for the next step to take to create a better reality.

Dear ones the light does not ignore the darkness. The light bears witness to the darkness then, by its very presence, illuminates the very same. Likewise your light and your love cannot ignore the darkness in the world. You see it. You feel it. You know what you like and what you do not. But in the very next breath you can focus on bringing your light, your love, your ideas, your truth, indeed God’s light, God’s love, God’s ideas… into the situation. You will not always succeed in changing the world, but you will succeed in changing the vibration. And as more and more souls embrace a vibration of love your world will slowly but surely begin to transform.

Light cannot support darkness. Truth cannot support lies. So by all means, acknowledge all you see, but in th very next breath, send love, however you are guided to do so into the darkness. Breathe life into stagnant situations with your love.

You will never changed a human being simply by changing their mind. You will help them change, by touching their hearts. Be the love that you are dear ones. This is the most powerful reality you can create.

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