In my work I see so many, very loving, very well-meaning light workers who are enraged at the injustice, the pain, the suffering, the cruelty, and the inhumanity in the world. It is a righteous anger. It is never the highest path to hurt another. It is never the kindest choice to inflict pain… on oneself or another. The angels acknowledge this anger as having a right to be, and in the next moment in the reading, start to talk about loving approaches that would help create a solution.

Sometimes the loving approach to unloving behaviors is to create a healthy boundary. There are some very beautiful souls who are no longer in my life because they did not treat me in kind and loving ways. It was hard to create these boundaries. None of us ever want to shut another out, but there are certain behaviors that are not reflective of a soul’s truth and these do not have to be supported in your life.

Sometimes the loving approach to unloving behaviors is to offer kindness. The angels once had a young woman who was being bullied bake cookies and offer them to the bully with a simple loving statement. “I don’t know why you don’t like me. I’m a pretty good person. I made you these as a peace offering.” The bully publicly thanked this girl on Facebook and was kinder thereafter.

Sometimes the loving approach is to offer another perspective, with permission. “Excuse me, I see you are hurting, may I offer a few thoughts?” People listen better if they’ve given you permission to give advice. It is perceived as love then, not a “make wrong.”

Sometimes the loving approach is to speak up rather strongly… or remain in a powerful silence! If you ever watched “Supernanny” you know that this loving woman does not sit without words or actions when she is with a two year old throwing an unholy tantrum. There have been times in my life when I’ve had to listen in a powerful silence without being defensive or unkind, then take swift decisive action.

So while we will see the darkness we do not have to focus on it, fear it, and thus feed it. We can starve it with our light, and transform it with our love. This is, ultimately a much happier and kinder reality for all!

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