Heaven exists now

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Heaven exists, right here, right now upon your earth dear ones. It is not a faraway place. It is not a state of nirvana and meditation although some of you will find it that way. It is not a space reserved only for those who have ‘earned’ God’s love or are ‘worthy’ of it, for indeed none of you have to earn God’s love. It is given freely by its very nature. You are made of the very same. Worthiness is not an issue at all in the mind of God. Are the streams worthy of running into the rivers that run into the oceans, or isn’t that part of their very design?

Living ‘in’ heaven is a choice. It is a choice to celebrate the miracles of life around you. You can see! You can hear! You can touch one another and feel with your very delicate and beautiful skin. You can witness the flight of the birds, hear the rustle in the trees, smell the freshly cut grass, and taste of the earth’s bounty. Everywhere you look, everything you feel, everything you hear or see, or taste is a part of God’s love for you. Heaven is found by looking at the many ways in which you are loved, at the myriad of ways in which your life does work. Even if you are not happy at all with your present conditions, you can find things to celebrate! You can dream your dreams.

We honor your human desires and yet, why oh why we wonder would you put off your bliss becuase your current life does not reflect some mythical criteria of success? If you had nothing, and believed in God’s love for you, you would exist in heaven and find a great abundance of love surrounding you. The birds do not have a bank account. The field mice do not worry about their rent! And yet they are fed, housed, sheltered, and cared for. And when their lives end dear ones, they do not bemoan the fact that they did not achieve all they thought they should for instead they have lived one day, one moment at a time, grateful for the abundance around them.

We know that as human beings you want what you want, and there is nothing wrong with this. But do not put off your joy! Do not put off enjoying the miraculous nature of life around you for any reason whatsoever. Heaven can be yours right now if you choose to see the love of God surrounding you in this very moment. As you do so, you feel abundant inside, and you will attract all you need and want externally as a result. Heaven on earth is certainly not a feeling of lack, but rather an experience of contentment “now” even with a desire for growth and expansion.

Take a moment. Look around. See God’s love everywhere – in the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, textures around you; in the eyes of a loved one, or better yet, in your very own eyes as you look in the mirror. God is everywhere. Love is everywhere. Don’t deprive yourself of what is already yours, already here, already available in every given moment.

God bless you. We love you all so very much.
— The Angels

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