Heaven in simple pleasures

I find heaven every day in the simplest of pleasures. The birds singing in the trees every morning delight me. Fresh summer fruits are heavenly when I bite into a bowlful of beautiful berries or taste a big juicy peach. The scent of a freshly squeezed lemon is heavenly, as is the smell of the desert when I open the windows after a rain. These things cost little to nothing and yet they are where the real joys in life can be found again and again.

It seems we all wait for the big things. When I get ‘this’ done, I’ll be happy. When I go on this vacation, I’ll really be living. When I pay off this debt, then I can have fun. When I have a relationship, then I’ll be happy. And the list goes on…

I’d rather not wait for all that! The angels have taught me to always look for the happiness in my present circumstances. And while this is not so easy in challenging at times, it is so rewarding. Last year, in the midst of caring for my aging husky wolf and getting little to no sleep, I found the greatest love inside of myself that I had ever known. While dealing with parasites for months on a very limited diet I learned to create healthy recipes with fresh food that were bursting with flavor. While dealing with home repairs last year that should have sent me into financial panic I realized I really had learned deep faith in God’s ability to care for me.

My home is turning 20 next year. My car is nearing 200,000 miles. I buy my own insurance, don’t have a huge retirement fund, and don’t bother worrying anymore. Instead, like the birds and the trees, I’ve learned to trust that God will always take care of me, as long as I do my part and listen to the guidance in my heart. That frees me up to enjoy the heaven all around me. Nature’s bounty is always there for me to enjoy. There are other human beings to smile at and love. My aging labrador, although she will not be here forever, is here today and I find immense joy in snuggling her and telling her how wonderful she is and seeing her precious smile. Today is pretty darn good. And when I need something tomorrow, or the next day, God will figure it out. I don’t worry about the government’s debts. I don’t worry about the sorry state of healthcare. I don’t worry about the crazy earth changes or the sunspots. I trust that if these things affect me, I will be guided in what to do as a result. And so I free myself up to really live now, in each moment.

Heaven and hell exist right now in this world we already live in – and these states of being orginate between our own two ears. We have been conditioned in so many ways to look for what is wrong. Why not spend a week, or better yet, a lifetime looking for what is right instead? I’m not in denial. I see the world’s problems. I just choose, as Jesus said, to turn the other cheek, to look away from the bad unless I am called to do something about it, and to focus on all that is good and true. I choose to use my power of focus to amplify the light, do the good I am called to do, and remove my energy from judging the darkness. Those in heaven doesn’t deny the fact that a state of being called “hell” exists. They just choose to enjoy the truth of God’s love. We can do that on earth as well!

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