Don’t try to fit life…

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Each one of you is a unique, precious, and beautiful soul! Each one of you was designed by the creator to have a unique and beautiful place in creation. Each one of you has your own special light and each one of you matters. So, dear ones, don’t compare yourselves with one another. Share your true selves with the world. If someone asks how you are doing, don’t say, “Fine,” if you are not. How can God send you help if you are not honest with the world. Far better to say, “Well I have a few challenges now,” and trust that if the person in front of you is destined to help, they will ask for more information. If they are not, the conversation will move to other topics.

If someone asks what is important to you, tell them the truth. If someone asks your opinion, be honest. Answer from the heart. In this fashion you will attract those of like mind and heart, and gently you will move away from those who do not resonate with you.

It is a wonder to us that humanity finds disagreements so terrifying. We find differences of opinion to be fascinating, because in them we learn more about the many faces and facets of God. If you can disagree with love you can learn. If you can listen to another’s perspective and seek to understand, even if not to agree, you can learn. If however, you are in need of agreement to validate your own convictions, perhaps you are not so convinced that your beliefs are right for you, after all!

Likewise, if you find yourself around someone who cannot disagree with love, you can still stand lovingly stand in your own truth while allowing them theirs. They will either leave, push you away, or in the best case, soften up and drop into their hearts. If everyone was honest in this manner, you would sort yourselves out easily into groups of like mind and like heart. There would be no need to argue, impose one’s will upon another, or subject one’s will to another. One puzzle piece would not say to another, “You must fit me,” or “I must fit you!” Instead each piece of a puzzle must be moved around, saying to the next one, “Do you fit me as I am? Do I fit you as you are?” In such a fashion human beings would also find their place in the vast and beautiful web of creation.

Next time there is a disagreement, allow for it. Honor your truth and let the other honor their own. Trust that if you move away from someone who does not fit your life, or whose life you do not fit, you are one step closer to the people with whom you will connect easily and joyfully.

God bless you. We love you all so very much.
— The Angels

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