Perfection in rejection

A few weeks ago I had to get my car tires replaced. Since it was going to take an hour or so, I walked to Starbucks with the iPad and decided to get some work done. I was happily sipping my coffee, visiting with sparrows, and typing fast and furiously when a man started trying to get my attention. “You are typing so fast!” he said. “Yes,” I smiled and went back to my typing. “What do you do?” he asked me. I had that feeling I have had many times when I know where the conversation will be going. “I talk to angels and dead people,” I replied honestly. His eyes widened. He rolled them in disbelief, shook his head, looked away, and started talking to another woman as if I no longer existed. I resisted the urge to giggle and went back to my work. This has happened so many times.

I truly do not exist in the reality of some people, and it’s perfectly fine. The reality in which I live is not one that everyone chooses to dance in right now. Sometimes I have this conversation and am guided to continue with it. Sometimes I have this conversation with people who long to know more. However, this time, it was quite clear that this man was finished with me or more accurately the reality I represent. I quietly sent him a dose of love, knowing that somehow his soul wanted a little opening – just a tiny crack in the doorway of his mind. He peeked into a new reality for just a brief second then slammed the door shut again… for now. When it is time for him to open up more, God will give him that opportunity.

Everyone has a right to live in the reality they choose. I no longer have a need to justify the reality in which I exist, therefore, I can also allow everyone else to choose their own. Their rejection of “me” is not personal. It is simply their choice to embrace a different set of beliefs.

While this is a humorous example of disagreement, there are far more serious ones that arise. So many times, for example, I see clients in incompatible relationships. If they cannot agree to love and just disagree, it is unlikely that they will remain together. The angels would rather see people move apart than be unloving towards one another.

It is possible to thoroughly disagree and still love. I have a dear friend with whom I disagree on almost everything except the fact that we are all based in love. We share our opinions freely in a way that often sounds to others like a hot debate but in reality is just an expression. I once taught a class with a friend in which we shared very different perspectives and people loved it. My brother and I differ in our spiritual beliefs and yet we love each other and respect one another’s lives. My Mom and Dad often see life through different lenses, but after fifty years of marriage, they have learned to find the common ground and enjoy the things they do agree upon. I have learned to let me be myself, let others be themselves, and to simply move away from the ones that I do not resonate with enough to enjoy.

So, do your best to be honest with the world, and to make room for differences in opinion. When you get “rejected” in any way, just smile and know that you are part of the eternal dance of the universe in which people are trying to figure out where they choose to exist right now. Maybe they don’t belong in your reality at this moment, and that’s OK! Just be yourself and the world will sort itself out around you! Those of like mind and heart will love you and want to be around you and those who do not espouse the reality in which you live will reject you.

One of my all time favorite angel quotes – “Rejection is redirection!”

Enjoy the journey and may you get rejected/redirected kindly by all who do not belong in your life, while moving gracefully towards those who love and adore you!

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