My dear friends, we love you so very much.

All of nature works in coopeartion, dear ones, and so too the human race was designed to do the same. If everyone on your planet were to listen to their hearts, everyone would be cared for, fed, loved, and guided to interact with those of like mind and like heart. Even those in misery would find company for indeed there is solace and love even there.

If you are in tune with your hearts you will be guided to speak up when you are around those who can help you, or those whom you can help. If you follow your heart you will be slowed down when the universe is tryig to help you avoid a complicated or unpleasant situation. If you are in tune with your hearts, you will be healthy, always have enough, and always feel loved. In the heavens we do try to alert you to unpleasant situations before they occur if it is not a lesson you have set up for yourselves. We try to say, “Slow down! Relax. There is no need to be stressed.” Sometimes we tell you, “Get moving! Don’t miss this opportunity.” You will know because you will have the urges and feeilngs to rest or get moving, to remain silent or to speak up. It is only your conditioning that keeps you from listening to your heart. Each one of you came programmed with this ability. It is not for the select few.

Dear ones, attempt this week to listen to your hearts and to take note of how easily the universe works fo the good of all when you do. Life was meant to be a dance of love, not a dance of adversity. In the spirit of cooperation with the entire universe, rest when you are tired, get moving when you are motivated, speak up when you wish you could, and remain silent when you do not think of anything to say. God, dear ones, is the spirit that gives you life, and God wants all his loving creation to work at greater levels of cooperation.

God bless you. We love you all so very much.
— The Angels

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