As many of you know, I often take off and drive up north on a whim, going where my spirit calls me. I rarely have a plan. More often I toss everything I might need in the car and see where I end up. These are my favorite days. One day a month or so ago, a friend went with me. We ended up swimming in the creek and relaxing until all of the sudden, the forest began to beckon me. I didn’t hear voices this time. I simply felt a tug to get up and walk along a little pathway into the woods. My friend, being of like mind, was up for the adventure.

The forest is always magical to me. It teems with so much life that the energy is palpable. I feel the strength and flexibility of the trees, the exited buzz of the insects, the happy chirping of the birds, and the joyful bubbling of the creek as it bounces over the rocks. The fertile soil smells good, and in the later afternoon the sun-baked leaves give off an almost tropical smell. Just walking in this energy is like being in nature’s spa! But today there was more magic in store. I stopped in front of a tree whose trunk was hollowed out and dead on one side – the result of being hit by lightning most likely many years ago. Three of the five original trunks that sprouted from this Cottonwood were still growing but the other two were long gone and the dead center of the tree was a mecca for caterpillars, spiders, and other insects who made their home in its decaying bark. I was fascinated by the universe in front of me. In spite of the fact that this wasn’t a very pretty sight, I pulled out my camera. Lo and behold, the reason for stopping was revealed in the viewfinder. A huge orb with the rainbow beams of sunshine shining through it showed up. I got excited! “Look at this!” I told my friend and we marveled at what was there in front of us, invisible to the eye, but now showing up through the lens.

“Hi!” I tentatively said to the orb. I clearly heard, “You can stand in me.” My friend and I took turns standing there with the orb centered around our hearts. As we did so, heat shot up and down our spines, and we received chiropractic adjustments as the energy worked through our bodies. The heart energy was HUGE and the feeling of well being that permeated us was amazing. “I am always with you,” I heard ever so clearly. “Can I merge with you?” I asked the tree spirit. “By all means,” she replied. “I am always with you. We are part of each other, made from the same spirit.” As I asked to merge with the tree, my feet began to buzz and I felt roots of energy digging into the earth mingling with the network of roots beneath. The tree showed me in pictures how its roots were intertwined with the roots of all the trees and plants nearby, exchanging information, and what felt like comfort! The tre es were touching toes in a way! Who knew! I continued to just “be” and to feel the tree. It felt like energy started to extend from my fingers and I felt what it feels like to grow branches. About this time I was reminded I had a human body when I noticed a tickling sensation at my ankles! Caterpillars had started to climb up my legs! Real ones! These little guys were all over the tree, but none had been on me until I merged with the tree’s energy! I came back into my own skin and helped the little guys off my ankles and back onto the real bark.

Even now, sitting in my office, I can shut my eyes and remember the feeling, and I am once again rooted, and branching out, remembering that the whole universe does indeed work in a beautiful spirit of cooperation.

All this magic occurred because I simply followed a few small urges – to take a walk in the woods, to stop in front of a half dead tree, and to point the camera. You never know where your little urges will lead. Sometimes the urge to stop at Starbucks is just to give yourself a treat. Sometimes it is to share a little light with the clerk or have them share a little light with you. Or maybe, you’ll smile at a stranger and find your new best friend. You just never know! Trust the movement in your heart and see where it leads you this week.

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