Become as a child…

You’ve heard it so many times, “Be as a child to enter the kingdom of heaven.” Children, before they learn otherwise, trust themselves. They speak their mind innocently. They move towards what feels good and move away from what does not. They love to share their gifts with others, and yet they honor themselves. In a natural state of being, you would too.

Many of you, however, have been trained out of your natural state of being. You were taught to be wary of life or to be too trusting, rather than trusting your own feelings and instincts. You were taught to censor what you say and over analyze what you think. You learned to interpret people’s words rather than intuitively feel their truth or falsehood. Many of you have been talked out of pursuing your passions and talked into being “responsible,” instead of responding to self.

Delightfully, many of you are striving to return to your natural state of being! You are striving to live, speak, and act more authentically. You are reconnecting with your passions and preferences, worrying less about reacting to the world and more about responding to the subtle urgings of your own hearts. We are excited for you. You are freeing yourself from the world’s conditioning and enjoying the joy that comes from listening to your own spirit.

Each one of you has an internal guidance system, that if allowed to function naturally, will guide you into a joyful, abundant, and loving existence. You need only to do what comes naturally.

At first, you may not even know what feels natural because you have been rewarded for doing what others want and ‘punished’ when you don’t. It may take time to reconnect with your own heart.

Take a moment now. Put your hand on your heart. Breathe deeply. Ask yourself, “Heart what do you want in this moment?” Trust the first thought, feeling, impression, or words that you get. Listen to that. It is the still small, voice of God rising up from within you!

In time, you will learn to “be as little children,” doing what feels natural at any given moment, speaking without censorship and with kind innocence, and trusting life’s journey. In time you will learn to listen to the Divine as it arises within you, to move with the movements of your hearts, and to place more value on your joy now, rather than sacrificing it for perceived joy later.

You are all innocent dear ones. The urgings in your heart, be they for a new career or a cup of coffee at this moment are there for a reason. The desire to talk to a stranger is there for a reason. Your longings and your upsets are there for a reason. Pay attention to them. What feels joyful now is joyful now. What does not feel good now, is not good now.

As you learn to pay attention to and trust your instincts you will learn that the Divine has been whispering within you all along, “I love you. I am here for you. I am you.”

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

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Ann Albers is a popular Author, Spiritual Instructor, Angel Communicator, & Modern Mystic. Enjoy her free weekly newsletter, "Messages from Ann & the Angels," her Internet TV show, Live Events, Books, CDs, Recipes, Poetry, Photographs, and more at! Ann delights in helping you create a heavenly life on earth!


  1. Charlene Altrichter July 30, 2018 at 7:05 am - Reply

    Dearest Ann,
    I love you so very much for all that you do to help humanity. I do hear the Angels, and get many supportive signs from them. I am currently my sister’s (who has worked her way up to becoming an Olympic Level Dressage Judge) personal assistant, as I basically am rather unemployable otherwise. She has very strong programming to be successful, wealthy, etc. And although we have healed years of stuff lately, she still sends me ‘help wanted’ ads/suggestions. What I do for her and what she pays me is not enough to cover my expenses. The Angels and The Universe have been awesome in creating abundance anyway for me. So I came to your website, feeling frustrated (because REALLY~ how many people actually support, ‘get’ or think this behavior is ‘normal’, lolololololol??), found this particular article, and sent it to her with this note…”this is how I plan to live my life now, before I die. Even if you think it’s bad or wrong due to your conditioning, I will continue. So please stop sending me ‘help wanted’ ads. Thanks”. I am nearly deaf because I could not tolerate the negative/fake stuff my family said to me. But I have never (even tho I have gone to countless ‘healers’ ) found a way to bring it back. I feel very frustrated and bummed about it, especially since the tinnitus is very loud and annoying. I have also worked with Angel Communicators, but feel like you are the greatest one I’ve ever witnessed. So if you should feel like commenting on this, thank you and may your life continue to be blessed. XXXOOO

    • Ann Albers July 30, 2018 at 9:52 am - Reply

      Everyone is entitled to live life the way they wish. What your sister does works very well for her, and your way works very well for you 🙂 We all have different lessons we set up when we are born and the way we live our lives is how we support those lessons. So we can’t change anyone else, nor should we. We can only remain true to ourselves 🙂 Your sister loves you in her way, but it doesn’t feel like love to you because you have a different set of lessons.

      So if she sends the “help wanted” ads, just breath in the underlying love and toss them. Know, however, that if in any way you are giving her an impression of not being satisfied with your finances of life, she will keep trying to help in her way 🙂 She means well. So do you. You incarnated as sisters with very different personalities and lessons to learn to “live and let live.” This is the ultimate peace 🙂

  2. pippa sweet August 13, 2018 at 7:27 am - Reply

    Thank you so much beautiful soul for such a genuine subtle but powerful peaceful light site , reminding us to connect with our Angels ;; like so many of us; we are human with many challenges & distractions & conditioning & we can lose our way,,,& its so reassuring & soothing to know we ARE connected to not just ALL life on earth , but to the higher realms of love ,even ;ESPECIALLY when we don’t feel it ! I have had powerful spiritual awakenings & loving angelic experiences in the past that I was aware of & really felt the love ; & sometimes Angels & Spirit but have been healing a lot of trauma these few years so In myself havn’t felt connected to love while so much pain & fear is coming up to be released….like the whole planet ! that SO helps to know we are NOT crazy & NOT alone, all these people working with love sharing experiences & truth help us trust its all part of the divine plan to return us to love & unity,when of course the very separation as part of our collective experience is what makes us feel alone ..,.but it shows how we can still receive guidance even in the middle of an overwhelming fearful controlling ‘ mind attack’ .I was obviously being nudged to find your messages as well as a few others including the brilliant wise .deep souls of Raising Vibrations about the latest moons effects ,St Germain (in an email from Galactic Heart ) on how to de stress & begin to hear the message within. which are all absolutely what I needed to hear! & of course all the truth in slightly different ways.
    Like so many here in these times I am also a healer & work with Angels ; though for a while the irony is I connect easily for others;as I let go & trust that Spirit works for THEM its just MY stuff I’m healing my own self love & trust from past lives & this life conditioning separation & traumas ; so this is so encouraging that I will feel & trust my own connection again!…I’ve missed feeling the love within & of the Angels& Jesus ! ..( as I’m undoing all the blocks to self love; its all of course within US; we ARE love.just going through a cleansing process to polish our hearts & souls so they can shine again..One of the issues im healing as the Angels say is being ourselves ;..I’ve held back in some places where people aren’t ‘awake’ yet so while some are coming for Reiki Meditation & Yoga a few are but some aren’t open to Angels which though I am tactful & follow the clients lead as to where I can sense ‘they are at’ sometimes Im ok with it but sometimes It inhibits me & blocks my heart from feeling free to fully express the love & know the angels are real! so I pray for the power to be true ; as this has come just at the right time to remind me ! I’ll ask for guidance ; if I need to just carry on or change sometihng eg, the venue or work from home to be able to feel more relaxed to be free to be myself run my Angel Workshops without feeling wronged or comments from people which hurt me & knock my confidence & disrespect the beautiful Angels !.,……My own name of what I do is ‘Angel Magic ‘! which just came to me some years ago having experienced the incredible love & literal transformative’ Magic of the Angels Jesus & other loving beings so thank you Ann for showing me I should be proud & shine my light not feel afraid or disrespected ..& thank you for your gentle approach ..& sharing your own humanity ..& humility as that’s the only way bless you thank you

    prayers for love joy peace freedom health abundance of all that is love to all the world & all beings x….

    P.S i dont know if the name email & website show when we comment or is that just visible to us to log in again to comment ?as I cant put my website on there ..

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