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I didn’t know about the cave rescue until a client told me. I immediately turned to the internet, read about the ordeal and gave thanks.  I have been busy going in my own caverns this year.

In late spring when the volcanoes started going off in Hawaii, everything began to arise from my depths as well.  I woke up shaking in bed every night for two weeks. I joked I was having “Ann-quakes.”  The angels said I was feeling the earth’s movement, and just like the earth, everything would be coming up from my depths that I had been ignoring. As usual, they were right.

Over the course of the next several weeks, events and people I loved, triggered me to dive deep into the caverns of my own soul.

The angels had been telling me for some time to “get rid of guilt,” but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what they meant because I’ve made peace with this lifetime. Even old family dramas have been healed and there is nothing left but love. Guilt? I couldn’t find it…

That is, until a dear friend aimed some unconscious anger my way, and what should have been a minor boundary infraction, triggered all holy raging hell (excuse me) within me! I was angry… at myself!

There are times when someone’s behavior is painful and upsetting, or when we encounter strong, familiar, negative emotion. These are the “doorways to the cave.” They show us that we still have trapped parts of our own soul in need of love and “rescue.” This was definitely one of those times!

I dove deeper. Why did I lose my voice when surprised with unkindness. Why did I pretend it was OK? Who or what within me had felt it ok to be treated in ways that were less than honoring to my own spirit? I sat, breathed, felt deeply into myself, and discovered a lifetime where the seeds of unnecessary guilt were planted – seeds that grew into a tendency to honor another’s heart, growth, and dreams over my own, and which, at times, robbed me of self-respect.

Working with the angels (techniques are below) I brought this piece of my soul back into the light. Suddenly my entire life changed.

I felt free. I felt passionate. I started waking up with ideas for inspirational videos pouring through me. I am now able to hike in the woods in the summer because poison oak and I have reached an accord. (That’s a story for a future newsletter!). In between working full time, answering 100 emails a day, doing the newsletter, facebook inspirations, gazing, learning web optimization and more, I’ve made time for some of the most breathtakingly beautiful hikes of my life. I’ve met wonderful people. My body has healed. Ideas for future contributions are streaming from me faster than I can keep up with them… and the goodness just goes on.

So, while it IS work (between the ears!) to rescue the trapped parts of ourselves lost in the caverns of our soul, I think it’s worth every bit of the effort!

Here are some pointers this week to help you “rescue” the parts of your soul that are patiently waiting to be brought into the light….

1. Find the Entrance to the Cave…

When something really, deeply, upsets or discourages you, and you can’t shake it, you can pretty much count on the fact that there is a trapped part of your soul who isn’t aware that you can create better.

When you’re angry at someone and can’t shake it; when you’re feeling like “nothing will ever change” and can’t find inspiration; when you feel “down and out” and don’t know how to get up; or even, when you see an unpleasant pattern repeating in your life, give thanks… You have found the entrance to the cave.

While it is easy to blame another for our feelings, especially if they weren’t exactly nice, the angels constantly remind me that we alone have power over our own feelings. When you don’t feel you have that power, when you feel as if another person has power over your feelings, give thanks. You have found the entrance to the cave.

2. Dive In & Rescue the Lost Parts of Self

Take time. Sit with your unpleasant feelings. If you’re upset at another, sit with your own feelings of victimization and powerlessness. This is about healing and freeing your own soul, and reclaiming your power.

Say to yourself, “Who inside of me doesn’t know I deserve better? I love you. I’m coming in for you. Please let me know who you are.” Wait. Sit. Breathe. Sit with the feeling. Don’t run from it. The angels will help you. Wait until you feel a part of your soul emerging.

It may come as an image, a voice within, or simply a feeling or knowing. It may not happen on the first try. Repeat the exercise until you begin to feel the presence of a part within you that needs love, that doesn’t know it is powerful, that was cast aside – by you or others. Just keep at it. Eventually, this part will reveal itself. In the case of extreme traumas in the past, a trained therapist or hypnotherapist can help greatly.

Once you find this part, imaging embracing this piece of your soul as you would embrace a lost child. Reassure this part of self you are safe as if you are talking to a separate person. Absolve them from the guilt. Soothe their pain. Validate their upset.

Then invite this missing piece of your soul to go with the angels into the light where all will be healed. Visualize your favorite angel or master greeting this part of your soul and with completely unconditional love and acceptance, bringing them home into the light. You may feel a sudden rush of tears, euphoria, relief, expansion, or a shift in your energy.

You have just become your own rescue.

3. Celebrate & Give Thanks

Once you have loved one of these abandoned parts of self, celebrate! You’ll find yourself acting and reacting differently. You’ll think of the past without the old emotional charge. You’ll feel more confident in your ability to create life as you wish. These are times to acknowledge your victory and bask in the glow of your soul’s new-found freedom.

With the world, I give thanks for the rescue of those boys in the cave, and for the freedom and bliss that come from diving into the caverns of own soul to guide any lost parts of self up, out, and into the light.

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