A Season for Everything

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

As your seasons change, and the colors on the leaves begin to turn, you are reminded that within your own lives there is a season for everything. There are times for activity, and times for rest, times for making things happen and times when you must wait for God. How do you know what season you are in dear ones? It is simple. In a time for activity you are drawn to act. In a time for rest, you are drawn to rest. In a time of making things happen you have a desire to be in motion. In a time where you are waiting for God you have done everything you know to do and must surrender the rest to a higher power.

Don’t resist the timing in your life. If the trees clung to their leaves in the fall there would be no room for new growth in the spring. If they didn’t rest in the winter, they would be too tired to bud. And if they didn’t give forth their fruits in the season of summer, they would have energy without outlet.

So too dear ones you are like the trees. Often your internal seasons correspond with the external ones… but not always. Honor your internal seasons…

If you are in a season of autumn, you will be bothered by clutter and have a desire to clean out the closets. You will be irritated by old behaviors that no longer serve you, see some relationships as no longer being the kind you wish to maintain, and you will notice the old beliefs that do not create the new life you wish to have. You will have a desire to release that which is not loving or useful in your lives. If you are in this state of being, roll up your sleeves, throw open your windows wide, and get to work! Write down the beliefs that do not serve you and create new ones. Celebrate because you are making room for something new in your lives by getting rid of that which no longer serves you.

If you are in a season of winter, you will wish to rest. Dormancy is required before new growth. You will want to sleep more, be less social, be around only those closest to you. Honor this dear ones. This is not ‘unproductive’ time but rather a time of gathering energy before your life takes a turn towards greater activity and change.

If you are in a time of spring, you will have a desire for newness and exploration. You will want to try new things. You will find new inspirations. You will be interested in ‘getting out there’ and meeting new people. In the season of your soul called springtime, allow time for these explorations for you are discovering more within yourselves.

If you are in a season of summer, sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labors. Gratitude and sharing are hallmarks of this season in your life. You want to express and share what you have learned. You look around and find satisfaction in what you have created, or you look around a say, oh my I wish to go into autumn, release all this and start over so next summer I can create a new harvest in my life.

Honor the seasons of your spirit dear friends, for within them are the keys to what God is asking you to do in your lives at this moment.

God bless you. We love you all so very much.
— The Angels

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