Look for the good

Everybody seems to want money. But what we really want is what we think the money can give us – freedom, peace of mind, security, etc. This week, in spite of more money going out the door, I realized how rich I am with good fortune, security, and protection!

I love this week’s message, especially considering that the angels had me sit and channel it after three days of wild weather and storms here in Arizona. I am feeling especially blessed in spite of challenges this week. If the last storm hadn’t blown tiles off my roof, a hidden leak wouldn’t have been fixed before this round of gully washers! Go God!

Again I was blessed when suddenly my car started running really rough on the freeway last Sunday. It seems there are two schools of thought concerning cars. Some people love the latest and greatest. Others treat their cars like family members and do everything possible to keep them alive till their last breath. I fall into the second category. I have a 12 year old Toyota Rav 4 that I adore. It has 180,000 miles on it, has never stranded me on isolated stretches of the freeway, and has a car angel attached to it called “Zippy” that lets me know when to do what.

I asked Zippy what to do and was told to get her into the shop ASAP! Being mechanically ignorant, I assumed I needed an oil change and a new filter and figured the bill would be reasonable. Not quite! It ends up hoses were leaking, the fuel filter needed replacing, the timing belt was about to go, the power steering fluid was rank, and the list goes on. When I heard the total, I almost passed out on my dear mechanic of 12 years. He was very kind about it and always does a great job, and God bless him found a way to pare off a few more dollars, but after the roof repairs it still felt like a bit much.

So I did what I always do when human “freak-out” hits me. I sat and breathed and asked the angels to get me back into truth quickly. I emailed a few friends asking for prayers. And then I sat and counted my blessings. I did not break down on the freeway. I wasn’t stranded. The repairs were on an office day when I didn’t have clients. I got a free rental. I trust my mechanic. Even though my car is old it runs like new after they’re done with it. It is paid off… and after a few minutes of counting the blessings in this situation I felt LUCKY instead of insane. Truly it was LOVE to have all this happen at one time because with my busy schedule that is more convenient! Go God once again!

As I drove the rental back to the shop to pick up my car, one of those Arizona wild thunderstorms hit hard. There was no visibility on the freeway and great puddles of water were forming. The long line of rush hours traffic slowed and we all just took it easy, until… a few miles before I arrived at the shop, I burst out from under the cloud into brilliant and beautiful sunshine! Talk about a metaphor for the entire situation! I even got a rainbow – God’s promise of better things to come 🙂

So when life throws you a curve, sit and look for the good and soon you’ll be back in truth, feeling better than you would if you focus on the ‘stormy side’ as the angels call it, and basking in your own spiritual sunshine!

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