My dear friends, we love you all so very much.

First and foremost realize that you are so very loved. You do not have to merit God’s love with holiness, happiness, or even piety, dear ones, for God’s love is a constant. So very many of you put pressure on yourselves to be pleasant at all times. You try to control your feelings and although dear ones, we do certainly advise you to take responsibilty for your words and actions, we know that it is impossible to dictate your feelings, for they are messages from your soul.

Celebrate the truths that are emerging from the depths of your being. Mother earth and certainly you, dear ones, are together working to release the pressures you have built up within yourselves over the years. You – the sensitive and caring souls – have often put up with conditions and behaviors that are less than kind, less than respectful, and less than honoring of your own hearts. If you find yourselves getting upset or angry at these behaviors as of late, know it is simply the deeper truth of your souls rising to the surface, and sometimes erupting with great force. You want kindness. You want respect. You want integrity in your life. You want, and deserve, nothing less.

While we certainly do not advocate judging another or taking out your upsets on another, we ask you to examine your upsets forthey are messages from your spirit. What is it you want in your life? If someone is treating you less than kindly, either ask for kinder treatment, with love and compassion, or walk away. If you can not walk away at this point, pray to God for ways you can find compassion for yourself and the other and for new ways to communicate your desire for love and respect. If all else fails, offer silence in response to unkindness.

Dear ones, do not judge your feelings becuase they come from a deeper desire to have love, kindness, honesty, and respectful interactions in your lives. You are choosing to honor yourselves more deeply, to save your energy for making positive contribution in the world, rather than spending it on maintaining your self-worth in less than loving situations. You are indeed in a time upon the earth when you don’t have time to focus on childish behaviors because your love and your light are so very needed by those willing to grow.

Allow yourselves this freedom dear ones, to simply move towards love, away from unkindness, and into greater truth.

God bless you all. We love you so very much.

– The Angels

Ann’s note – I’ve noticed in my readings that many people are feeling edgy and easily upset these days. So I have asked the angels to comment on this for all of us… This was their reply.


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