Patience is a Virtue

The angels are not too subtle in my life. I was thanking them a few weeks ago and using a bit of slang, saying “Angels YOU ROCK!” Well lo and behold, I got stuck in traffic behind a car with the license plate GDROCKS! I just about flipped. As I continue to learn to trust divine timing in my life and affirm it to others, I got this horoscope in the mail today: Affirmation for this week of PATIENCE – “I let go of fear and frustration by patiently bowing to divine timing. I trust that blessings from Spirit are worth waiting for.” (From Horoscopes at Psychic Chat)

Patience has been a challenge for me in the past. I always wanted what I wanted when I wanted it. But as life moved forward and the angels taught me, time and again I began to understand the wisdom of God’s timing. Ten years ago I was not ready to publish books and be out in public, even though I wanted it badly at the time. I had no balance and no boundaries and I would have worn myself thin trying to all things to all people. God wisely made me wait and grow.

I’ve wanted material objects but rather than running out and buying them or charging them I’ve seen time and again how waiting either brings you better, or better prices on what you originally wanted.

I’ve wanted relationships of all types, but had to wait until I grew enough to accept them.

Every time I find myself getting impatient in my life, I pray. “God, grant me patience, and keep me busy and happy now, in this moment. Help me trust in your plan and trust in your great love for me.” Then I go about my life, do what I love to do, and trust that in right timing all heart’s desires will come to pass.

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