Weeding out

It has only been a little over a month since my dear husky wolf, Bruno, passed, and yet it seems like years ago. So much has already changed in my life. Only a few short weeks ago I was getting little sleep, doing laundry all night and waking up to elder doggie tantrums. The love and the hardship were both at an extreme. Since his passing I’ve been washing, cleaning, and weeding out my home and my life. I’ve had waves of grief bowl me over and in less than thirty minutes of crying, waves of bliss. That is the nature of change. We miss the past. We are excited about the future. We find our hearts only in the present moment.

These days when I’m not working, all I want to do is weed through every material thing I have. I want to clear and clean out my house and organize everything. I am looking at every pair of earrings, every t-shirt, every thing in ever closet, nook, and cranny and really soul searching to see if it adds joy and function to my life. If not, out it goes – to friends, thrift stores, shelters. I’ve changed and my stuff must as well. It is an outer representation of my inner spirit. It is thrilling to pass things along. What was once clutter in my house becomes used, loved, and appreciated by another. Energy is meant to be kept in motion.

And while house work hardly seems as “spiritual” a task as meditation or writing books, everything we do, if done with heart, IS a spiritual task. My house work these days is my meditation. I’m doing it with love, authenticity, and focused awareness. I’m fully present when I’m doing it, and I derive great joy from the process. With each drawer and closet I clear I feel more room to breathe, more freedom to “be,” and more energy to create. Releasing what no longer serves me allows more of the real “me” to come to the surface in my own life – not just spiritual teacher, author, angel communicator sides of myself, but also the part of me that could have easily been born on a farm, likes to cook, craft, garden, and just daydream new ideas into existence. All of it is me, and it feels good to be getting all aspects of me back in balance once again!

I didn’t realize this when I planned it out but my two upcoming events really bring it all together – In both the “Dancing with Angels” playshop and the upcoming Robin Miller Concert I’m sponsoring, the energy is all about bridging heaven and earth. What a very fun job this is turning out to be :)!

Have a happy week letting go of whatever weighs you down and making room for what lifts you up!

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