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I am very happy with my life overall these days. However, I do take inventory frequently and as I looked into all areas of my life, I saw one glaring spot in which I was not feeling bliss – and that was the area of my physical well being. I’m not sick by any means, but after injuring my foot in 2004, I never really got my physical structure back in balance. From time to time I did exercises, yoga, tai chi, etc, and although I love these disciplines, I recently started to feel that I needed more personal and specific attention to get my structure back in order.

I made a clear intention to be once again get strong, flexible, and aligned in my physical body. I know all manner of teachers and healers in the physical arena that I absolutely love, but I have never had clear direction on who to turn to for this help. Furthermore I’ve been somewhat reluctant to commit to large blocks of time away from home because I have so much at home I want to do! Finally one morning last week, it dawned on me to simply give the problem to heaven! I prayed, “God let me know very quickly and obviously who can best at this time in my life, assist me in becoming strong, flexible, and aligned. Please make this easy, convenient, affordable, and fun. Thank you.”

Within two minutes I received a new friend request on facebook and thought nothing of accepting it. I pretty much view everyone as a friend! This new gentleman wrote back immediately and asked me if I would “LIKE” his business page. Ends up he is a personal trainer ten minutes from my home who specializes in strength and stretch flexibility training! His passion is helping people recover from surgery or injury. He also knows nutrition. Really! The angels outdid themselves on this one! It was obvious, easy, convenient, affordable, and I’m sure, it will be fun. So I had my first session this week and already feel encouraged. Neither pinball machines nor angel communicators are meant to “tilt” and I have been “tilted” far too long!

I talk to many people who, like me, have made decisions in the past that still affect them today. If I had it to do all over again, given the wisdom I have today, I would NOT have attempted to jump on a sawed off tree stump half my height in my tai chi instructor’s back yard after he told me I was not strong enough to do it! Seven years later I’m still paying the consequences of that decision. However, the good news is that our life begins anew with each breath we breathe. If you don’t like what you created in the past you always do something about it now, be it changing your attitude, your actions, your beliefs, or behaviors. I’m no longer willing to accept the pains of my past in any way, shape, or form. Life begins now, and now, and now again! And in this new breath that I breathe, in my new life beginning right now, I’m starting to get stronger, more flexible, and once again joyously excited to be in a human body that works wonderfully well!

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