Slowing down is speeding up

The angels are right. It is amazing what can happen since I’ve slowed down. Now that may sound insane. I still stay up late hours, work an awful lot, and fit huge amounts into my life. But after I broke my foot in 2004, I stopped rushing. I learned to catch myself when I was getting in a frenzy, stop, breathe, and ask myself what was really important. Tonight is no exception. I’m working hard to upgrade my email program so you will be able to get pretty html emails if your system supports it. Of course, learning a new program is taking a bit of time and designing a pretty new newsletter is as well, so I caught myself starting to panic. I have a packed day on Friday and drive to visit Jim Friday night. There is not going to be anytime to eat if I don’t get this done tonight! And so I surrender, and breathe and realize that if this email goes out as it has for years, its not a big deal. Most likely you won’t get the pretty email till next week… and so I surrender. It was a deadline I made up anyway.

There are deadlines we don’t make up. Here in the United States if you don’t pay your taxes by April 15th, there are penalties. And so we must meet those deadlines at times. But I’ve learned that if I intend that I get all important things done in my life when they really need to be done, it happens, somehow. I am given the grace, strength, energy, or desire to accomplish what I must.

See if you can catch yourself in the act of rushing this week. Stop. Breathe. Ask what is important to your soul. Then watch and see how much you actually get accomplished 🙂

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