Pray and trust God’s timing

For a long time my prayers have been very simple. I want health, peace, balance, strength, and good humor to deal with my aging dogs. But lately a few material desires have arisen. Ever since mold tried to eat my master bathroom early in the year it has been cleaned out and emptied out. The angels were clear that there is a need to rip stuff out and remodel eventually but up until recently I haven’t even had the energy or time to think about it. I didn’t stress. I knew that sooner or later the desire would hit me. In my past it would have been one more hard thing on the to do list, but I’ve learned to just pray and let God figure out the timing.

Just once, earlier in the year, I tried to make myself go have a look and left the store in tears, overwhelmed with options I wasn’t ready to deal with. That did it. I decided to wait for God’s timing! Much to my surprise, in the middle of web work, and other chores the urge to design the bathroom hit hard earlier in this week. I didn’t have much time, but I know better than to ignore these urges, so off to Home Depot I went. Before going, I prayed. “God please inspire me and help decisions be easy. Help me pick out things that will serve me for years, be reliable, and not conflict with one another. Make this fun. Thank you!”

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, it really was fun to dream of all the possibilities, and while I have a few details to consider, I figured out all the major components in less than three days. I can’t buy them yet but it doesn’t matter. I manifest better when I have a clear vision of what I would like. For a woman who used to agonize over every simple choice, it felt SO good to just really know my heart and say, “I like that, and that and not that!” No more wishy washy! The angels have been really going on lately about the need to be clear, and so I rejected anything that didn’t make my heart sparkle and made only choices that made my heart sing. There are a few things that aren’t yet clear, so I’m waiting for God to show me new options rather than agonizing and trying to make myself choose one that I don’t love. I have no idea when all this will come together, nor do I care, but I just feel exited that I am finally motivated to make the choices.

That is how the process of manifesting in the flow of grace works. You don’t push yourself. You pray, trust, and wait for God. You listen to your own heart. You don’t settle for less than what truly makes your heart happy. It is not a wonder that I’m manifesting again because I’m teaching Manifesting in the Flow of Grace at Celebrate Your Life! God always gives me a great “class room example” before I teach and I am looking forward to watching the magic unfold and sharing it with my class!

Even the to do things in life can be fun if we choose to pray and allow God’s help. I didn’t want to do the newsletter this week so I waited and prayed and waited. And suddenly Friday morning, it came to me and it was easy. I don’t usually like last minute endeavors, but this week was swamped and so I had to bend my own rules and trust God’s timing.

This week, realize that you do not have to do anything without God’s help. Pray for that help in all areas of your life, even if it is help in getting the right attitude. Then open up and let the Divine light within you do it’s magic in cooperation with the greater wisdom in the universe. Miracles are truly possible and dreams do come true.

Have a great week,

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