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As I sit to channel each week I sometimes feel the angels are kindly lecturing me 🙂 Self-love has often been the theme. On Saturday, I attended a very powerful seminar by Summer Bacon called Victory over Victimhood. I just love going to anything she teaches. I have been very lucky this lifetime not to have been subject to sexual abuse, but I have had my share of both verbal abuse and what I call stupid human behaviors on the part of various male souls in my past who, well let’s just say, “met my knee!” Suffice it to say I’ve done a lot of work in my life to attract only very wonderful people and on the occasion when I meet one that isn’t, I have learned to walk away. So when I went to the seminar I figured I was done with abusive behavior — however spirit proved to be a diligent archaeologist — very willing to help me dig up any last remnants of self-abuse that still existed within me!

I have been dating a wonderful man and I decided to hike with him, after the seminar, up to some Native American ruins in Sedona. The trek was beautiful and upon reaching the ruins all I wanted to do was lay down on the rock, enjoy the air and the view and relax. Yet something in me tuned into his unending desire to explore and I dove right into “people pleasing” as I used to do all the time. I volunteered to show him a set of ruins even higher that required a challenging hike. I was doing fine on the first stretch of cliffside, dodging cactus spines and avoiding slippery rocks. I made it up a short climb, cussing myself out all the way because for some reason I was getting scared. I banged up my knee a bit farther (got a great heart shaped scrape!) and by the time I was on the most challenging part of the hike, I was reading myself the riot act for ever having thought up the idea. I had to quit right then and there and sit on the cliffside because all of the sudden I had become paralyzed with fear that I was going to slid off it! Never mind that I had done this hike alone before. Never mind that I knew I could summon the courage. Never mind that the man I am with was perfectly fine going back. I started beating myself up royally! “You knew better than to hike today. The rocks are slippery after the rain. You idiot. What were you thinking!” The thoughts wouldn’t stop. Then I started spewing apologies for having to turn back! This wonderful man told me to please stop beating myself up and enjoy the day 🙂 Busted!

We light-workers (me included) have a tendency to ignore our hearts to do what we think others want or need (even if they don’t ask!). The farther along our path we go, the crazier the consequences of ignoring our own hearts. So take note from my lessons and listen to yourselves – everybody will win! And when you goof up, don’t beat yourself up — in fact, my angels have a cute little saying, “When you’re standing in the toilet, don’t flush!” A good healthy ability to laugh at yourself helps too!:)

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