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A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the yearly conference for the International Association for Near Death Studies in San Antonio, TX. It was a little bit of heaven on earth with the lovely river walk outside the hotel and a few hundred people running around who had died, been to heaven and returned to tell! The energy was palpable and the speakers who shared their stories, so inspiring! The message from everyone who had been to heaven was the same. We are love. We are here to love. There is nothing more important than to love ourselves and love others! The angels were cheering! We cannot hear this message enough upon our earth.

I have been putting together my new series of Ann & the Angels, “A Romance of Life” and living it while doing so. It has been so much fun! Its based on the premise that with or without a “special someone” in your life you can have love and feelings of romance, if you are willing to put in just a little effort to change old habits and seek love, see love, and be love. I’ve made friends with total strangers, connected with people in airports more intimately for even a few moments than some men I dated in my younger days, and have had hilarious connections even with animals in my backyard. A pigeon and I fell in love so deeply that I caught him trying to stick to my stucco and flapping his wings so he could press his little face against the window and watch me in the kitchen! I had to run outside… “Honey! You need a birdie girlfriend!” The next day he brought his new feathered friend to show off! It is such a blessing to know that love is just everywhere we look. And better yet, what a blessing to know love lurks inside of us, just wanting and waiting to pour out into the world the minute we get out of its way!

So this week, see if you can look around and tell yourself that love is everywhere you look, sometimes more deeply beneath the surface than in other cases, but always there!

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