I have worked for years with the angels to learn to love and accept myself exactly as I am. That means I celebrate the times I am doing well and I have compassion for myself when I am not. I cry when I’m sad, and vent in private when upset… although after working with the angels for years, I find that love comes easier than upset and sadness passes quickly.

As they’ve worked with me to accept myself, both in my so-called positive and negative spaces, I’ve learned to love myself unconditionally… even on those days when I don’t really like myself! As a result I’ve learned to love others too, even when I don’t care for their behavior. I feel as if my heart has been freed from the bondage of our human conditioning that say we can love ourselves and others only when we “look right,” “behave right,” etc.

This level of self acceptance has created miracles in my life. It guided me to people with whom I love working. It has helped me open up to channel energy that does things for people that I could not have imagined. It has blessed me with people in my life that love and accept me for all of who I am.

Most recently it helped me film my next series! I had shingles two months ago, worked over time to make up for it, had to delay filming, went to a conference, came back and had four days to work, prepare 12 outfits, create the remaining episodes, and get on a plane to film all 12! I didn’t have the episodes memorized and therefore took much more time between each to memorize them. I could have beaten myself up for getting off schedule, but instead if gave me opportunity to start gazing in public. I could have beaten myself up for not having been as prepared as I’d like, but it ended up that the filmers had time to accomplish other tasks. I could have picked on myself for having hair that to this day, frizzes the minute I get in font of the green screen! Instead we laughed. It has become a joke!

There will always be reasons to criticize ourselves. There will always be reasons to feel we have “fallen short” of where we’d want to be. There will always be a deeper and more loving self that we “could have been.” However, if you can truly love and accept yourself, as you are, trusting that all is in divine perfection, you will grow so much more quickly into better and more beautiful spaces. You will accomplish more, waste less energy, and feel happier. You’ll stop putting the pressure on others to love you more than you love yourself… and as a result you’ll be able to accept them exactly as they are too.

So, as the angels say, if you are looking for love, start by giving it to yourself. Start treating yourself the way you’d like another to treat you. Start being compassionate to yourself when you’re not at your best, and celebrate when you are. We can truly become the love of our own lives, and in that space, others and Life itself will echo so much more love back to you!

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