Interruption or not?

I had to laugh channeling the angels’ this week. My life is filled with details that could “distract” me from my goals and dreams! But in reality all these details, interruptions, and logistic are part of my goals and dreams to love my life, help people, and leave a trail of love on this planet.

However, lately I’ve had a lot on my plate. As I write this it is nearly mid-February and the Christmas decorations are still up. I’m finally getting “The calling” to take them down! Most years they are happily packed up by mid-January but this year every time I’d think, “I must put them away,” my heart said, “Not yet!” So through all the rain and dreary weekends as of late, I’ve enjoyed sparkling lights and warmth! It made me happy. Now it feels warm outside and like time to take them down! I know it won’t be a chore at all.

Likewise, I had to prepare my taxes for the accountant every year and don’t really love the job so I pray to wake up one day and feel like doing it. Sure enough, this year the day came. I put on some great music, made some awesome ginger lemon tee, followed by some awesome coffee, and I breezed through it.

I’m currently working on my next series for Ann & the Angels, and also redoing my website… in my “spare” time! I decided that if I was ever to get the website done I’d have to schedule time for emails, Facebook, etc., and make this creative project a priority. I love doing it. Its creative and I’m a closet artist! However, that means I have to be a bit no-nonsense with myself and how I use my time.

After all these years I trust spirit. When I’m meant to answer emails I feel it. Once I got a strong pull to listen to my phone messages and an even stronger pull to call a woman back right away. It ends up she was at the end of her rope, taking pills to end this life and we were able to chat and keep her on this earth. When the Divine wants you to honor an “interruption,” believe me, everything in you will want to do so.

Another time, I was vacuuming. Suddenly Archangel Michael showed up. “Drop everything. We need you.” “Now?” I answered? “Can I finish cleaning this room?” “Not if you want your friend to live,” he said. Holy you know what! I dropped everything, went into meditation and got taken out of body in an altered state where we flew in spirit to my friend and pulled all sorts of gunk out of his heart. I called him later to see if he was OK and he felt fine. I felt crazy. However a few months later he reported huge heart problems that miraculously went away the night after I appeared in a dream of his… with the angels. I was blown away. Somehow time was not our usual time and my adventure, although it occurred months before, was real. That was one big blessed interruption!

Sometimes the interruptions are more mundane. My freezer was forming ice on the bottom and it became a big problem when I almost couldn’t shut the door. On a Friday night when I had other plans, suddenly fixing the freezer became a higher priority!! SO I emptied it out into coolers, watched YouTube videos, took the inside panel apart, and got in there with a blow dryer to thaw out the frozen drain. Victory! I saved myself a few hundred dollars and several gallons of freshly squeezed juice. And I felt so good about it I was able to be twice as productive the next day!

So when things “interrupt” you, drop into the heart and ask the heart if they are to be handled now or later. You’ll get a good answer, and your time will flow in alignment with Diving timing, which is always, better than our own! My mantra this week is funny Divine timing… not my timing!

PS – Oh how funny! While writing this, several emails came in and I had to resist the urge to immediately answer so I could get the newsletter done! Silly angels!

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