Holy water, holy air

When I sit to write a newsletter, I have no idea what will come of it. I often wonder how on earth they will come up with anything new, or say things they’ve said in a new way. I certainly didn’t expect to be talking about water and air. I’m writing this late at night simply because, as I was making my way to bed, the urge to write suddenly rose up within me.

I stopped after writing the angels’ words. I did the exercise they suggested and I feel vibrantly alive. I can see how these simple acts of inhaling consciously, and drinking the waters of life with intent could heal dis-ease and diseases alike. I’m going to have to play with this. I know the yogi’s have always taught breathing exercises and so many others have as well, but as I did the breathing tonight, intending to take in all helpful frequencies and release all that were not, the air felt alive. I could see and feel the energy rushing into my lungs, my bloodstream and to my body with each breathe. I was sleepy when I started… now I feel I could go dancing 🙂 I’m going to have to go send energy to all of you instead or I may never sleep 🙂

I did the same exercise with the water and it too felt alive. It reminds me of the beautiful sacraments of my childhood. I grew up Catholic. For those of you who are not, the priest takes the wine and bread and prays over it, “Body of Christ. Blood of Christ.” We were always taught that this was a mystery, that the wine and bread actually became this body and blood. I have come to understand through my mystical excursions into heaven and with the angels that anything we bless and pray over and fill with love is really being acknowledge as the body and blood of God, the physical manifestations of love here upon the earth. And so perhaps as we bless our air and water, we are recognizing that this is God’s breath, God’s stream of life, here for all of us to inhale and drink in abundance to nourish and feed our hearts and souls.

I may never look at a simple glass – the melted sand turned into a thing of beauty – or the water within it, quite the same. What miracles truly exist at every turn. It is not possible to ever feel alone or unloved with this awareness.

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