This is a different year for me than usual. I decided at the beginning of the year that other than normal work, emails, social media, newsletters, and classes, I would not push myself to do any new projects. I would not worry about where my life was going or what I would do next. I chose instead to focus on radiant well-being, comfort in the body, cleaning up, organizing my life, and diving deep within. After 23 years of this work, it was time.

Soon after I started focusing on feelings of freedom, peace, and comfort in the body I stumbled on the Wim Hof Method.* The breathing alone is a game changer. It fills me with energy and peace every morning. It has helped me become stronger, more flexible, and when problems come up they are quick to go. I love it. The cold exposure was an unexpected surprise that has shown me I’m capable of overcoming fear and using my mind over matter much more deeply than I thought. It has given me feelings of freedom and vibrancy in ways I never dreamed and these feelings have been mirrored in vibrant experiences in the outer world.

Just last weekend I went hiking up north. Although it is warm already in Phoenix, I was in for a surprise! When I arrived in the early morning hours, the forest was 35 degrees F and there was snow on the ground in places. I didn’t have the proper layers, so I breathed deeply, focused on being warm and within a few minutes was peeling off layers and hiking in a t-shirt! I couldn’t believe it. I felt the cold air on my skin and yet I also felt a delicious warmth inside. It was exquisite. I felt vibrantly alive. I was so warm I hiked in the ice water up to my knees at the end of the trail and later that day, when the air temperature warmed up, went swimming in the cold creek. It was surreal. When I dreamed up feelings of well-being earlier in the year, I had no idea I could feel this beautiful.

The angels have taught me that going within, feeling the good feelings inside is all I need to do to create a chain reaction in the entire universe to bring me those feelings externally as well. When you start a feeling inside, often what you get in your outer life is far beyond what you could ever imagine!

Try finding the feeling… here are a few tips for “dying to your problem” and “resurrecting” the light within

1. Do the exercise from this week’s Angel Message

Ask yourself, “Dear heart of hearts, what would you most like to feel here upon this earth, right here, right now?” Trust the answer. It might be peace, love, health, comfort, abundance, or any number of other feelings.

Then shut your eyes. Imagine relaxing backwards into a blissful Presence of love, in the same way that a wave relaxes into the ocean. Ask yourself, “As I relax into the arms of the Divine, what would it feel like to feel [whatever feeling you wanted]?”

Wait until you feel this feeling. Sit in this space, feeling your feeling. Keep breathing and repeat the question if you need to, in order to sustain the feeling. Do this for at least a minute if you can. See if you can memorize the feeling, just by using your intention to do so.

When I was physically unwell in the past, this meditation was a life saver. Temporarily I could feel completely well. The more I did it, the easier it was to feel good.

2. Try to remember this feeling throughout the day

From time to time throughout the day make it a point to remember your good feeling. For example if it was peace and you are rushing around, take a moment to stop, breathe, and see if you can remember what that peace from the exercise above felt like. In time it will become easier and easier. You are resurrecting this feeling from within, and rewiring your brain to feel it more easily.

When I wasn’t healthy in the past I’d stop and focus on feeling good throughout the day, just using my imagination to connect with those feeling I felt in the exercise.

3. Look for evidence of this feeling in the outer world

At first you may not see much. If you life has been stressful and anxious it may take a little while before the peace you have been resurrecting from the inside is reflected on the outside. Keep looking. For example, you may see a beautiful tree and feel an instant of peace. Or you may get a kind email and breathe deeply. In the past you might not have noticed those good feelings.

Keep an eye out for them. Your good feelings reflect in your life, at first subtly, then in greater ways. The more you look for them, the more you’ll see.

For example, when I wasn’t feeling so well, I started looking for every small feeling of feeling healthy, comfortable in my body and vibrantly alive and over time life is presenting more and more opportunities for me to feel this in greater ways.

My wish for all of us is that we can continue to resurrect the light of love, happiness, health, joy, abundance, and so much more from within and truly live a life of heaven on earth… I hope this helps you achieve that just a little bit more each day!

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