It has been an intense few weeks! When a simple trip in late July became a massive adventure with flights cancelled, and a big storm doing damage to my home and yard I knew something was “off” in the energy. My life is normally calm, peaceful, and easy because I no longer give into the drama I once did. I handled the expenses, physical labor, and repairs with great grace.

Two weeks ago, however, I started to see that something bigger was going on. I started experiencing all sorts of little disruptions in my life. I did what I always do – just handled them, sent love, and went about my day. I was finally forced to take note of the bigger picture, when I was working peacefully in my office and I got the sudden message from my angels to go to the backyard, look up, and pray. I listened, and was surprised to see that the previously sunny day had become ominously dark, and there was another huge storm aiming for my neighborhood like a train on a track. It didn’t look normal. It looked angry. The wind was ferocious and the clouds were rolling in at an alarming rate. None of the folks in my neighborhood were ready to deal with more damage. We were all still focusing on repairs from the previous storm.

I knew I better get in my God-given power and pray. I threw my hands up in the air, and prayed, “Dear God, bring us peace. Dear weather spirits, I know you must obey the stirred up human emotions on the planet, but I am sending you love and peace now. Please go and do us no harm.” I tuned into every ounce of love and peace in my heart and just stood there in a vibration of total calm. I focused on the fact that we are all One and the vibrations of the external clouds live inside of me too. I felt energy pouring outward from my heart and then I felt energy pouring through the top of my head and into the ground. I have never witnessed such a thing but the wind changed and the storm blew away and dissipated. A friend commented on it later that week, without me saying a thing. He said he’d never seen a storm race in and then just go away like that.

At the time, I could barely believe it. I felt crazy. I went into the house and shook, realizing that the angry energies on the planet wanted company, and were seeking any openings they could find in human hearts to create disruption. I looked back at the patterns of clients coming in lately and realized that many of the light workers were also experiencing similar chaos, disruption, and challenges. Although I understood it all, my body locked up in fear, my back and digestion turned into a mess the next several days and I knew it was time to dive within myself.

I asked only one question, “What inside of me allowed this chaotic vibration to attack me?” And then I intended, “Come to the surface and be released.” I sat and breathed and asked my angels for help. I went to Dr. Shawn Warwick (who if you live in Phoenix is an amazing energy worker). I opened to channel the healing energies I bring through for others. And I shook. I shook like I was having Ann-quakes. As fears from other lifetimes came to the surface, so too did feelings that have nothing to do with my present life. Feelings of having messed up, disappointed God, you name it! I felt like I had opened Pandora’s box of lies and was clearing all the old junk and gunk out of my soul. And even though it was hard, physically painful, and exhausting, I am celebrating! Better out than in. It is these hidden illusions that can often allows the denser energies to create chaos in our lives. And when we free ourselves to truly embrace the light and the love that we are, even the deepest darkness cannot penetrate. At long last when I was able to get fully present once again and reaffirm the truth of the light within, the heat flooded through me like a river, unlocked my body and all pain was gone in a matter of seconds.

If you are not experiencing any disruption now, celebrate! You are standing in truth! And if you are, celebrate too because you’re simply at a point where you’re diving deeper. A single candle, as the saying goes, can illuminate even the darkest room, and your willingness to love yourself through anything can illuminate even the most challenging life circumstances. So don’t push your feelings away, embrace them. Love yourself through them. In doing so we transform all that is within us to greater light and greater love.

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