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People sometimes think that because I work with angels my life is without challenge. However, I am subject to the same vibrational laws as everyone else on this planet and like everyone else I continue to grow and find new areas in which I must love, trust, and believe in the goodness contained within every circumstance.

A few weeks ago I did Online gazing. For months now my Internet has worked pretty well. However, the last few weeks, the Internet has been terribly slow. This caused the live streams to look “pixilated” or choppy to the viewers. I was not thrilled! I wondered humorously if Braco ever had to crawl on furniture and play with wires before a livestream! I am tech savvy, but even with all I know, I had no control over the line coming into my house! I could only do my best to work around its sluggishness.

The night before the latest gaze I was on the phone with my Internet provider until midnight. They promised to have the connection working faster by morning. Instead, it was worse! Instead of panic’ing I did as the angels instructed me. I went outside, sat quietly, and asKed, “OK what am I learning here? How am I learning to love myself more?” The answer was the same it has been on all gaze-days. “Trust everything! Focus on the desired outcome. You are not alone.” I sat outside in meditation focusing on the streams working and people being able to feel the energy no matter what. I went back in and the speed was no better. Still working hard to trust, I got on the line with Karl, who after making several suggestions told me to hook up my laptop instead of the usual web cam, because it would use less bandwidth. Presto! The stream was not perfect, but it worked! Just as I had hoped, people felt the energy. And I was reminded for the thousandth time that I do not have to solve problems without human help!

The lesson continued that week… a day before my class in Sedona, immediately after I put out a newsletter with a link to the class, my website crashed. “OK what am I learning here God? How am I learning to love myself more?” Same answer as before! “Trust everything! Focus on the desired outcome. You are not alone!” Immediately I got the guidance to send out a newsletter with the info and to call the website folks. People got the info, the website folks got the problem solved, and a few people suddenly got inspired to show up at the class last minute! As always, the Divine knows best… and I will always be learning.

So this week, take a challenge or two and simply ask, “What am I learning here? How is this trying to teach me to love myself more?” If you don’t hear immediately trust it will come to you. When we get our lessons… suddenly things start to shift and change as if by magic.

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