Giving and receiving

I have an easy time giving. I had to learn to receive. Years ago someone offered to help me with something I really needed. I “politely” refused as I had been conditioned to do. I didn’t expect this response! “Don’t screw up my blessing! Let me feel good about helping you! I know you need the help!” I was busted! They were right. “Don’t screw up my blessing!” I think of that now every time I am habitually conditioned to decline.

I still decline many of the things offered me. My house is happily full and I can’t really use more stuff. I don’t eat sugar or flour anymore. I spend my time enjoying close friends, family, time with God, and working in service so I truly do have to decline invitations all the time. However when someone offers me something I can genuinely use or enjoy, I have learned not to screw up their blessings! And in any case, when anyone offers anything, I truly receive their loving intent and hope to bless them back with my appreciation.

A few weeks ago after hiking in Sedona I stopped by to visit my friend Robin Miller. He was outside playing his beautiful music. A very sweet lady was meditating nearby. I felt her very beautiful and powerful energy rippling out into the world, blessing the land and everyone in the near vicinity. I suddenly felt motivated to get her one of Robin’s CDs. And so I went up and simply said, “My angels told me to give you this.” It was guided, felt right, and that was that… or so I thought.

We ended up chatting. Ends up she is a pretty amazing healer and she offered me a treatment. I couldn’t think of anything I needed because I heal myself all the time, but because she was so sweet, and spirit was nudging me I told her I’d call. I sat in meditation the next day and asked what this was about. Clearly I was getting guidance to receive. My back felt like it went up in flames as waves of heat rose up it. Ah ha! I am constantly working to stay in alignment – both spiritually and physically! And so this very dear woman did a phone session with me, shared some beautiful energy, and wonderful yoga poses that truly have helped. As always, God knew better than me what I needed!

So this week, when it feels right, try to keep the love moving through the universe by both giving and receiving – of course, only and always when and where it feels right and joyous!

Here are a few easy ways you can do this.

1. When you think something nice about someone, say it

If you admire something about someone, say it. While this sounds obvious, we hold back all the time… because we don’t know the person, worry about what they’ll think believe they already know, etc. I’ve had more loving interchanges, little interactions that added joy and light to my entire day simply by speaking up.

2. When you need help, ask.

I know this is a tough one for many, but realize that most people like to be useful and good to one another. You like helping people when its genuine. Many others do too. Whether its asking someone to hold a door, babysit your child, or help you brainstorm a few ideas, make a request. They may say no, and that’s OK. Trust. Ask someone else. For every need, there is someone who needs to assist.

3. Drop into your heart once in awhile. Pray, “Dear God how would you have me give or receive today?”

Let the Divine guide you. You’ll get an answer. Trust the very first thought or feeling that pops into your mind. I did this just now and heard the angels, “Sit with us, let us give to you.” As soon as I finish, I’m going to sit still and let the angels love on me with their sweet energy!

Keep the love flowing. Like a river nourishes the grasses and trees along its banks, cycles of authentic giving and receiving nourish everyone involved.

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