I am always in awe of the way our prayers are answered. I was rushing around last week, out to buy some groceries, and praying that I could stay in my spiritual center in the midst of so much going on. Lo and behold, I was stopped in front of the store by a homeless man. He wore ragged pants, a black tattered shirt, and a big hat. He looked like a slender version of “Indiana Jones” from the “Raiders of the lost Ark” movies. But something was different about his energy. It was way more dignified than his appearance.

As he approached, I wondered if he was going to ask me for money and was already tuning in asking God what I should do, when I heard, “Just listen.” Instead of money he asked me if I was going to a nearby store. I wasn’t but said I could grab some groceries if he needed something. “Could you get me some almond milk,” he requested, and proceeded to hand me some money for it.

He said he’d meet me in front of it but didn’t want to go in because he had a shopping cart full of stuff. “Sure,” I answered. Easy request.

So I drove to the store, while he pushed his cart, which was the funniest looking cart I’d ever seen, bigger than normal ones and loaded up with piles of clothing and stuff including a big screen TV. Something wasn’t right with this picture, but I had no desire to do anything other than get the man his almond milk and get my groceries. Still hurrying, I got stuck in a slow checkout line. By this time knew spirit was up to something.

Outside the store, I handed this ragged homeless man his almond milk and gave him $1 back because it was on sale. As he thanked me, he looked into my eyes and I may as well have been hit by lightning. Deep piercing oceans of blue Divine love looked at me through those eyes. There was no separation. Soul to soul it didn’t matter what roles we played on this earth… or beyond – he looked a lot like one of my spirit guides who has been known to make an appearance or two. In that moment, there was only the dance of the Divine.

I went to get into my car and when I turned around I didn’t see where he’d gone. It didn’t matter. I was deeply rooted in my spiritual center, and somewhere, in some dimension, this man was enjoying his almond milk.

I love this quote from Hebrews… “Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” I may never know exactly who or what this man was for certain – the angels won’t tell me everything, but I know energy, and I felt in that instant of connection the answer to my prayers.

So when you are guided to help someone, maybe, just maybe, they’re helping you too!

This week try to find the “Gift of Presence” as the angels like to say…

1. If someone is kind to you

Be gracious and bless them with your gratitude.

2. If someone is unkind

As the angels like to say, metaphorically, “Don’t dignify the devil.” Walk away, remain silent, send love, pray. Honor your own bright spirit even when other’s don’t.

3. If someone is in need

See if you are genuinely guided and motivated to give. If not honor your own knowing and guidance. If you are, do so with a glad heart. In either case, celebrate… you have chosen love!

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