Finding Peace

After working with angels nearly two decades, I’ve come a long way in learning to allow everything that arises with me to be expressed, at least in private. I rarely get mad anymore, but every now and then something triggers me. Instead of taking this out on anyone else, the angels have taught me to go to my journal and give myself permission to rant and rave, whether reasonably or not. And so I do. I let out all my feelings, whether rational, reasonable, or even justifiable on paper. I type and type and type and write the letters to souls, saying the things that I would never say in person. Inevitably what occurs after awhile is that I get a new perspective. I see what changes I must make in my own mind, my own life, or my own heart to return to love. I usually find compassion for myself and for anyone else involved. Like clearing pipes in which mud and dirt have built up, suddenly the clear feelings run through me like clear water.

The angels have also taught me to let go of my attachment to how others behave, think, and act, and to allow others to be as they are. If I do not like how a person is behaving, they’ve taught me to kindly ask them to change, or to learn to allow. They’ve taught me to either stay or move away from relationships depending on whether or not compromises and loving solutions can be reached. And in this way I’ve been able to avoid a lot of unnecessary drama, and wasted time. Others either belong in my life or they don’t. I can either work things out with someone or I can’t. All wishful thinking must be laid by the wayside and I must deal with the reality of the person in front of me. I have been taught to be impeccably honest – my own feelings, and to keep my opinions of those in front of me to myself unless they have asked me to share. It has taken a lot of practice, and a lot of really looking deeply at my own ego needs to finally be able to “live and let live.”

I’ll never forget a time someone near to me said they were concerned about my soul. They read one of my books and decided I needed to take religious classes to correct my perspective of reality. At first I tried to explain myself, but the angels told me to “stop seeking agreement,” and simply come from the heart. I finally told this individual that I loved them but I was quite happy with my belief system. I told them that I would never presume to tell them what they should believe about life, and I requested that even if they could not agree with me, I was asking them to accept that I was choosing the path for my life that was right for me. If they could not do that, I kindly said I would not be a part of their life. We had a long discussion on the difference between acceptance and agreement,”II accept that what you choose is right for you, even if I do not agree.” At long last we agreed to disagree, and to love rather than to have a need to be “right” in any ultimate sense of the word. It made continuing the relationship possible.

Years ago, I was crying over the fact that my family did not understand my new found mystical beliefs. I was praying, “God how do I get them to understand me?” Jesus showed up in my vision, clear as day. “Stop trying to get them to understand you,” He said. He had my attention. The sheer power of His love made me stop crying. I listened. “They will understand your love,” He said simply and then left. They will understand your love. That one statement changed my life. Now when I disagree with someone I attempt a dialogue. If not possible, I simply let them be, make a clear decision about whether or not I want them in my life “as they are,” and choose to be loving and kind no matter what. In this fashion, I have finally found peace within. We all can…

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