The angels recently told me I have an old habit of feeling like I had to tone down my joy when others in the world are suffering. I just couldn’t see that anymore, so I asked them to show me how I do that. Oops! I forgot the joyful/gentle part of that request! And so I noticed that I toned myself down just a tiny bit when around a friend who was having a harder time. I saw a few thoughts in my head that said, don’t rub in how good you feel around her when she doesn’t feel that great. And within three hours a head cold started to set in!! I have had such a powerful flow of energy running through me lately that when I jam it up in any way at all, its like trying to damn up a river. My body always lets me know!

And while it is true that we can always blame outer circumstances, better to go within and own the lessons, give thanks and move on. I sat on the couch with a painful scratchy feeling trying to possess my throat, and rather than whining, acknowledged the lesson. “Ok God, I see how I did this to myself. I forgive myself, and want to move on and let the joy flow through me again and be well.” Since the cold setting in was promising to be a nasty one if I didn’t get my spiritual act together, I figured I better pull out all the stops. It was SO tempting to whine but I knew whining would cement the misery in place! So instead, I just dropped into my heart… “What do I want here?” “I want comfort – a hug for starters because I feel yucky.” So I sat still, asked the angels for a hug, and fully expected it to arrive. Within minutes their warmth surrounded me. I asked them to help me get back in the flow of grace, to remove all erroneous thoughts from me, and help me release my old habit of toning myself down. I felt more warm heat flow through the top of my head and sat there basking in their light while focusing on my own in a meditation as well.

After I fixed my emotional/vibrational state, the next step was to ask for guidance. So I did and immediately thoughts of warm salt water popped in my head. Off to gargle with salt water. I drank it by the bucket the next day, so much so that I felt I was going to merge with the vibration of the ocean. That thought gave me great peace and comfort as well!! All the anti-oxidants in the house were pulled out, as well garlic, my vitamin C, and enough water with lemon or vinegar in it to kill anything. And within just two days the cold was nearly gone. I was tired but avoided what could have been a miserable sickness during my Thanksgiving break. Instead I was able to have dinner with friends, celebrate the gifts in our lives, and know that all sickness, misery, and pain, is simply a result of resisting or jamming up the love that wants to flow through us naturally. It was a good lesson, and I truly do give thanks for it.

I also give thanks for you, and for all the souls on this mailing list because I know even though we may never meet, our lights touch in the realms of spirit and we support one another in this journey here upon the earth. I keep you all in my prayers daily and ask God to bless you and all whom you love. May you too know the light of God’s love as it flows through your own heart, every minute of every day, and may you know the bright and beautiful souls that you all are.

Love and hugs,

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