Happy New Year! Happy New Year of embracing love! Happy New Year of valuing yourself and your own beautiful point of view. Happy New Year of knowing there is nothing you must do to earn love because you are already loved beyond measure! Happy New Year of being free to be yourself!

Dear ones we celebrate you. We celebrate the beautiful light coming onto your planet, stirring everyone up. This light is inspiring great passion in human hearts. It will not be easy this year to pretend you are something you are not. It will be a year when you find yourself being more honest with yourself and one another, a year where you feel compelled to speak up without fear, a year where you stop caring so much what everyone else thinks and decide that if God created you this way, then you are perfect as you are. It is a year of being free to “BE” the bright, beautiful soul that you already are!

It is a time to stop trying to “improve” yourself and to just love yourself. It is a time to stop trying to “release” your past, and instead, embrace it. It is a time to stop worrying about whether your thoughts and feelings are “right or wrong” and to realize they just are.

You are all part of the love of God, breathed into 7 billion different human forms and so many others within creation. You are part of One Love, One beautiful kaleidoscope of reality. There is nothing wrong with you. You are either enjoying the experience of being “you” or fighting it. You are either loving all that arises within, and thereby transforming it into higher spaces or you are judging it.

This year, dear ones, give yourselves permission to be who you truly are! Give yourselves the freedom to think your thoughts without judgment, to feel your feelings without censure, to speak (with compassion) but always with great honesty. Give yourselves the freedom to be the soul God created you to be.

Each one of you is as precious, special, and unique as a musical note within a symphony, a color in the vast spectrum of beautiful reality, a drop of water in the vast and majestic ocean. Each one of you is perfect even as you grow into a greater experience of love with each passing day.

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