My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Today we wish to speak to you on the topic of “willfulness.” You will is a great gift. You can use it motivate yourself when your heart is willing but your mind is weak. You can use it to create movement in spite of life’s obstacles. However, you can also use it to rebel against your hearts, much as a child can rebel against those in authority when feeling out of sorts.

The question you must ask yourself regularly is, “Am I using my will to align with my heart, or am I using my will to stubbornly resist that within me which I know to be true?” A will aligned with God, aligned with good, aligned with your own hearts is a powerful force! A will aligned with all your “shoulds,” preconceived notions, and other conditioning is also a powerful force. One leads you to heaven. The other prevents you from accessing the very same.

So how do you know if you are using your will to push through obstacles, or to resist your own hearts? The answer is simple dear ones. Aligning your will with God/love/truth creates inspired action. It opens you to receive the blessings of Divine Love flowing through you and all of life. You will be energized, inspired, and even in spite of monumental efforts, you will not feel as if you are struggling. When you are using your will to resist your own hearts, you are resisting the currents of God’s grace in your life. You will feel as if you are struggling. You will feel as if you are alone. Indeed dear ones, God is always with you but you can, metaphorically speaking, hold His hand or not.

Suppose you are trying to accomplish a project. You are inspired by this project. However, on a particular day nothing is flowing easily. You want to accomplish your project but, in your human terms, you feel as if you are “beating your head against the wall.” In this case you can acknowledge, “Yes I’d like to get that project done, but today nothing is flowing easily. OK heart, God, truth, what do you want for me today?” You will get an answer. Perhaps the timing is off. Perhaps there are other things more important to your soul right now. When a project is not flowing easily that does not mean it is wrong or misaligned with your heart. God may just know a better timing for your efforts.

If however, in our example above, you were to continue to struggle, continue to use your willfulness to forge ahead on your project with a great deal of struggle and no joy, then dear ones, we must by our very nature, step aside and continue to whisper every so gently, “Not now. Not today.”

God does want your joy. God does want your dreams to come true. God does want to assist you. But there are times when the way you wish to see something accomplished is not the best or easiest way it can be achieved. God knows this. You may not. So try to drop into your hearts and use your will to align with them, living in trust that God loves you too much to support you in anything less than the most loving path for your life. Your will is a powerful tool dear ones, given to you in the hopes you will use it to align with a loving reality for your own life.

God bless you. We love you all so very much.
— The Angels

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