The love within

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Celebrate every moment of your live dear friends for each of you, in every moment is striving to be the loving beings that you truly are. It is time to stop pretending you are anything less. When you are what you judge to be “less than loving” ask yourself, “How is this a cry for love?” “How can I give this love to myself?” For example, if you are upset at a situation, ask yourself, “How is this a cry for love?” Perhaps you want to be treated more kindly. Perhaps things didn’t turn out as you wished. Next, “How can you give this love to yourself?” Maybe you can treat yourself kindly first then communicate with love. Maybe you can say, “Ok, here is where I am now but look at what I want to create,” and allow yourself to steer your thoughts and intentions towards a kinder reality. There is always love you are seeking, and there is always the love within you that you can call forth to bring more light into your l ife.

When you access the love within yourselves dear ones, your entire life is lit with a magical glow. When you are loving and kind to yourself, you are loving and kind towards others. You can walk towards what gives you joy and walk away from what does not. You can choose thoughts that give you joy and simply choose to be done with the ones that do not. You can exercise control over your minds, rather than having past programming and conditioning exercise its control over you. For indeed love does not like to be controlled! Love likes to flow freely without restriction. You would not want anyone else telling you how you should think or feel… and so why do you tell yourselves how you should think or feel? Let yourselves “BE” as you are, in any given moment, and then from that place of loving all that you are, you can then release what you are done with and call forth what you wish to create.

Be kind to yourselves. Be gentle with yourselves. Be accepting of all that is within and without, because only from that place of nonresistence to what “is” can you ever make a clear choice as to what you want next. You are all perfect in our eyes, exactly as you are, right now. You can never ever do anything to lose the love of your angels or the love of God. What if each of you could love yourselves in this fashion? Then, dear ones, your world would be a different place.

God bless you. We love you all so very much.
— The Angels

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