The gift of receiving

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Today we wish to speak to you on the gift of receiving. It is so easy for so many of you to give to one another and we celebrate your generosity. You feel so good when you give for so many reasons. When you give you feel abundant. When you give your generosity, your gift and talents are acknowledged. When you give, you feel you have made a contribution to someone else’s life and this makes you feel good because you are being the love that you truly are. However, while it is so easy for so many of you to give, many of you have a hard time receiving. And yet, it is in receiving, that you allow another to experience the gifts that giving brings.

Some of you feel unworthy of receiving. That is nonsense dear friends! You are all worthy of God’s blessings and while on earth, these blessings must come through one another. Some of you are afraid you are taking too much from another who has little, and yet have you not also given, at times, when you have little to spare? Didn’t it make you feel that much more abundant? Try not to judge whether or not the giver can and should give. If it is in their hearts to do so, receive graciously. Some of you perceive that there are strings attached to the gift. And in reality dear ones, most of you have also given with strings attached. However, it is up to the receiver to decide whether or not they will acknowledge the unspoken “bargains” or whether they will have the self worth to simply say “thank you” and allow their gratitude to be sufficient “payback” to use your very human words.

In receiving graciously, you bless the giver. You give them the gift of gratitude, the gift of acknowledgment, the gift of saying, “Yes, I see and appreciate the love within you.” By receiving with a grateful heart, you give back so very much. And more importantly dear ones, when you receive with a grateful heart you continue to allow the flow of God’s love to move freely through the universe. By all means it is ok to gratefully decline a gift, while acknowledging the good intent. Maybe someone offers you help and you truly do not need or want it. Acknowledge their good intent. Thank them for their generous heart. In this way you receive the spiritual gifts offered and continue to keep God’s love in flow.

Just as you love to give dear friends, others love to give as well. Allow others to bless you in this fashion, for as you learn to receive – compliments, assistance when needed, good words and kind thoughts, etc. so too you enlarge your capacity to receive God’s love. You all want so very much in your lives, and so begin by making space in your lives, then practice receiving graciously as the love begins to flow freely towards you.

God bless you. We love you all so very much.
— The Angels

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