Take Inventory

My dear friends we love you so very much.

As you wait for your dreams to unfold know that there are attitudes, beliefs, and old habits that must, out of necessity be released or “die unto themselves” if you are to bring new creations to life. If you want a new relationship, you must stop expecting the worst. If you want more abundance, you must stop clinging to an identity that includes lack. If you want more joy in your life you must work not to give into the lethargy of depression, but rather to seek help. There are always things that must be released in order to achieve your dreams — not things of substance dear ones, but illusions, habits that don’t empower you, old grudges, angers that don’t really protect you, etc.

Dig deep within your hearts and bring your dreams to the surface. Ask the soil of your heart to be tilled and the illusions burnt away so you can make ready for the new growth. For example if you want a new business to succeed you may have to release old habits of being in control, being busy, etc. and learn to be balanced in order for God to support your in your new life. If you want new love, you will have to release old angers. If you want a new residence, you have to bless the old one and be ready to leave it. If you want new spiritual growth, you have to give up feeling as if you know a lot and empty yourself to receive new revelations.

Take inventory dear ones of what beliefs and attitudes TRULY serve you vs. which ones are simply old habits. Do you REALLY need to hang on to the habit of worry, or rushing, or anger? Perhaps you can find attitudes more supportive of your dreams.

Dear ones, we want to take a moment to thank you for your courageous commitment to stand in the light here upon your planet earth. Each of you reading this, if in only the smallest ways, makes a big ripple in the sea of human consciousness.

God bless you all. We love you so very much.

– The Angels

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