Relationships have a natural form

My dear friends we love you so very much.

You are in a study here upon the planet earth of love – Love of self, love of God, and love of others. You are learning the many faces of love, its many flavors, forms, shapes and textures. With each soul you encounter there will be a natural form of love that arises between the two of you.

– For some relationships, the love blossoms as romance.

– For others friendship.

– For some the honesty of recognizing your differences
and exploring them through discussion & negotiation

– For others love is expressed as the honesty of recognizing
your differences and then peacefully parting ways.

– For still others you find the archetype of teacher and student,
healer and patient, or parent and child

Find the authentic expression of your hearts within each relationship, bring it to the surface through kind words and deeds and you will find the form that love naturally wants to take. Never try to change another to fit your desires and never try to change yourself to fit another. BE yourself and you will attract those that love YOU. Allow others to be themselves and see if they belong in your life. If everyone could embrace such deep and beautiful levels of honesty you would sort yourselves out on planet earth. You would be find yourselves sorting naturally into groups – surrounding yourselves with compatible souls, in separate gropus from incompatible souls, and bridged by souls who like the differences. This requires trust – trust that God will guide you to those of like mind and heart if you release those who don’t fit your life. This requires faith, faith that you are enough in God’s eyes and faith that others will like you as you truly are.

With faith and trust dear ones your relationships, both business and personal will become fulfilling, honest, and serve the both of you. Practice observing the form love naturally takes in all your relationships and be yourselves. You will free up tremendous amounts of emotional energy and your life will flow ever more smoothly.

Dear ones, we love you so very much,
— the Angels.

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