Play is important

We know so many of you work so very hard, whether it be to labor at a job, to work around the home, or working upon your inner self. While we certainly encourage such labors of love, we also know that there is great value and balance to be found in the energy of play.

When you play you are not concerned about a result. You are not concerned about what you will or will not produce. You are only concerned with doing something that gives you a joyful experience in the moment. For some play is very quiet… reading a book, a private game of cards, time spent silently on the patio sipping a cup of tea. For others play is quite lively – dancing, hiking, singing or laughing with friends. For some play is creative – making things, cooking, crafting, doing art, writing music. For some play is solitary, and for others social. It does’t matter what form your playfulness takes, it simply matters that you are enjoying the present moment and completely unencumbered by a need to produce.

This week, take a little time to ask yourself? How can I add some play to my life? Am I willing to do something only for the sake of joy and without any need to produce a result?

We encourage this, dear ones. When you play you are present. You are connected with life in some fashion. You feel secure. You embrace the vibration of joy. You are free to see things differently and find new solutions to your life’s real challenges because when you are present, we can get our messages through to you more easily. You relax. Your bodies unwind. Your health improves. You can go back to your “real” work refreshed, renewed, and with more love. In a sense, to play is to pray this prayer, “Dear God, with my energy rooted in the moment, and rooted in joy, I know You, by the very design of your creation, will send me even more joy. Thank you!”

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