My dear friends, we love you so very much.

In your heart of hearts, you want to love. All your angers, all your sadness, all your pain comes from the illusions that you are not loved. It is true that true love is a precious and rare ability of so very few on the planet earth and yet when you have those moments when you touch God by extending your love to another, or by receiving truly and deeply the love another offers, you transcend the illusions and see the reality in which we, the angels, live all the time.

God loves you dear ones. God is with you as surely and completely as the breath you breathe. God is the source of all healing. When you are feeling down, tired, upset, or sad, call upon God to flow through you with each breath. Call upon God to flow through your words, your actions, and your deeds. You do not have to rise above the challenges of the world by yourselves, for a leaf was never intended to live without the vine. A cell was not intended to live independent of the life force that sustains the body. And you, dear ones, were never expected to function independently of the love of God.

You must open to receive this love through your free will. You must be willing to give up the comfortable identity that you are not loved, appreciated, understood, or supported,… or good enough. Dear ones you are SO good, so loved, so supported, that it is beyond belief. But you must allow for God to pour into your life and work the magic of the heart. Pray to be open to God’s love and watch as it appears, not always as you think it should but through circumstances that create change, new attitudes, new beliefs, new opportunities. God’s love does not always appear as your mind dictates, but it will always come in response to prayer.

So many of you are birthing yourselves into greater light. You feel the tensions as fatigue in your body, exhaustion in your emotions, conflicting thoughts… and yet this is no different than the pangs and tensions of labor as a baby is brought into the world, a chick hatched from within the shell, or a seedling bursting out of its protective shell and through the dirt into the light. It takes work to birth yourselves from old habits and old ways of thinking, but you are given the strength to do it. It takes courage to live as the light when so many want to stay in with the dark. It takes faith in God’s plan for who you will become, because what baby, what chick in the shell, what seedling, can ever imagine the greatness it will achieve during the course of its life? Does an acorn know the majesty of the oak it will become when it falls from the tree and releases all it has ever known? Certainly not dear ones…death precedes dormancy, and dormancy preceds birth.

You are in a time of birthing. Be patient with yourselves. Pray to receive the love that will midwife you into joyous lives. God loves you.

God bless you. We love you so very much.
— The Angels

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