No guilt, just lessons

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

There is a dis-ease that runs rampant in the human race called “guilt.” In our minds, guilt is only a natural response when you have done something consciously and maliciously which you know will hurt one another. Even in that case, guilt is designed to be a fleeting emotion – a reminder that there are kinder ways to behave that support the whole of humanity.

Sadly however, many of you feel guilt at the slightest hint of what you would consider to be a “mistake.” You feel guilty for asking for “too much.” You feel guilty when you say no to someone else’s requests. You feel guilty if you accidentally step on someone’s toes, literally or metaphorically speaking. The list of perceived sins goes on and on, and yet dear ones, there are no “mistakes” in the eyes of God, only opportunities to learn and grow.

So when you begin to feel guilty, remind yourself, this behavior was learned. This behavior was taught to you to make others feel better. A dog does not truly feel any guilt whatsoever for digging up the garden or eating things they aren’t supposed to touch. Instead your dogs learn that if they look “guilty” their human caretakers will calm down more quickly, have sympathy o them, and be more loving once again.

Many of you have also learned that if you entertain guilt, you will be in less trouble. When you were younger, many of you learned that over-apologizing, or hanging your head in shame would mitigate an upset parent or a minimize a punishment. You learned that feeling guilty calmed the people who were upset with you. And so, even in your hearts, guilt is a learned behavior, except as we have mentioned in the rare occasion when it does arise naturally and for good reason.

So next time you feel guilty, stop. Tell yourself it is no sin to be human. Tell yourself that the only thing God requires of you in this moment is to learn. Guilt rarely serves a purpose. Instead dear ones, learn from your behaviors. Be compassionate to yourselves when you make a perceived “mistake.” You are a beautiful bright soul, without question. However, you must learn as well to make peace with and embrace your humanity in order to transform it.

God bless you. We love you all so very much.
— The Angels

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