Making room for miracles

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Celebrate dear friends! It is the season of love and miracles! What miracles would you like in your life? And why, dear ones, when you know that “With God all things are possible,” would you believe anything is out of reach. It is a time to remember that when you exist in a loving reality, in that love, all things are truly possible. When you embrace the fact that you have a loving creator, you can relax into your lives, knowing that if you pray a sincere prayer for yourself, or ask for assistance, then as long as you are truly open to receiving it, it will come.

Along with your miracle, the lessons to prepare you may come. The guidance to take action may come. The guidance to release certain things or situations in your life may exist in your heart. You may receive the urge to call a friend, speak up to a stranger, or make a request of someone you barely know. Dear ones, when you ask for a miracle, you are very likely to be asked to participate in creating it.

To make room for your miracles, eradicate all thoughts to the contrary, for if pray for something while all the while sending out signals that you do not believe, you negate your own prayers. To make room for your miracles, give up the need to control how your prayers will be answered. Adopt a sense of adventure. God is at work! Enjoy the unfolding journey. To make room for your miracles, take time to be kind to yourselves… this sends creation a signal that you are indeed worthy of such assistance in your own mind! And last but not least, stop resisting where you are in your life right now. You are in certain conditions to learn, to grow, and to assist you in making further choices. Where you are right now is perfect for what your soul wants to learn now. Stop saying, “This shouldn’t be.” Instead say, “Here I am! I am learning! I am creating more.” In this fashion you embrace the now, while allowing yourself to dream of even better…. as we have said before, the acor n is perfect, but dreams of becoming an oak.

Your miracles, dear ones, are not doled out by an arbitrary God but rather are simply a matter of cause and effect when your energy and vibration are in the right space, when your mind is willing to embrace the perfection of the present and surrender a bit of control, when your heart is attuned to listen to its guidance. Suddenly, miracles are not so miraculous after all… but rather available to all who understand how the universe is designed to work!

God bless you. We love you all so very much.
— The Angels

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