Happiness is within

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Take heart! Your earth is not doomed by any means, and yet so many of you are in fear and despair about the state of affairs upon your planet. In a world that seems to be going mad, celebrate the fact that you know how remain sane. Spiritual sanity is placing your faith and trust in the abiding love of God to take care of all your needs. Spiritual sanity is living in the moment, dealing with the circumstances in which you find yourself, and resisting the urge to resist life! Spiritual sanity looks beyond labels such as race, gender, religion, or creed to see the light of God in the soul in front of you. Spiritual sanity does not focus upon lack but rather gives thanks for the gifts that are always present. Spiritual sanity does not embrace victimhood, but rather looks for the the positive growth each moment provides. We do not see your world coming to an end at all, but rather certain behaviors that don’t work are being brought to the surface and exposed so they can be changed into more positive actions and beliefs.

Your happiness dear ones, need not depend upon a peaceful world, money in the bank, or the comfort of being surrounded only by people who agree with you. Your happiness comes from knowing that God loves you, cares for you and – if you surrender to deep abiding faith and love – will provide for your every need. Your happiness comes from the simple moments of connection – from sharing a smile with a stranger, a word of encouragement with a friend, or from receiving the very same. Your happiness comes from recognizing the presence of God in all situations, circumstances, and individuals, and indeed within your very own heart.

The world has always had its share of chaos, unrest, ups and downs. You can choose to be in the world but not of it. You can remain faithful that your needs will be met in spite of economic downturn. You can choose to look beyond the surface of individuals and ask who they really are. You can make a decision to listen to your heart and your instincts so as to remain safe even with intense earth changes. You can experience the love of God no matter what. And this dear ones is what you are always seeking.

Beneath every wish, every desire, and every need, is the need to experience and know the love of God. Pray for this when you awaken each morning: “Dear God I wish to feel your love. Make me open to receive your love. Fill my mind, body, and spirit with your love and your grace today.”

And then, dear ones, watch as your life flows more smoothly and gracefully, in tandem with the cycles of the universe.

God bless you. We love you all so very much.
— The Angels

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