My dear friends, we love you so very much.

And while many of you celebrate your Independence Day this week, we celebrate your Independence day every day of your lives! For in truth, you were given free will upon your planet earth and you are free to choose to be a loving being at each and every moment of your life. No matter what your circumstances – whether you feel financially free or not, whether you feel “trapped” in a loveless relationship or not, whether you are bound to a bed or a wheelchair, chained to a wall, or in any circumstance in your life, you have the freedom to be the loving soul that you are, or not.

And while certainly we wish for you all the external freedoms that your heart can desire we know that sometimes you place yourselves in circumstances that feel rather claustrophobic in order to create lessons on the greatest freedom of all – the freedom to be who you really are. Nothing and no one can take that love away from you dear friends. No one can keep you from expressing your truth with love. And yes, you might argue that throughout the centuries some have died for this very act of freedom, we would say, yes, they have and their souls remain intact, even more liberated than those who remain upon the earth, walking freely, financially free, but feeling they must conform with the masses rather than be the loving beings that they truly are.

So this week explore your greatest freedom. When you feel financially pinched, exercises your freedom to feel God’s love and abundance, and to be the very same. When you feel faced with a relationship – be it work or personal – that has you feeling trapped, exercise your freedom to express your truths with loving kindness, not with an intent to change the other but only with an intent to be who you really are.

This freedom, the true freedom, the freedom to love costs you nothing, requires no fight, and can be exercised anywhere, anytime, in any situation. You are all free dear friends. Happy Loving Independence Lifetimes to you!

God bless you. We love you all so very much.
— The Angels

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